Which Tupperware Products Have BPA In Them?

September 4, 2009

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As of Spring 2010 (ish) all new tupperware products are BPA free. If you are wondering if your particular product contains BPA, please check the photos below. If your product is not shown here, it does NOT contain BPA. If you bought it since Spring 2010, it does NOT contain BPA.

A while back I posted about Tupperware and BPA, regarding Tupperware’s attitude toward BPA. Since I posted that, I am getting around 5 searches a day hitting my blog regarding Tupperware with many of them specifically trying to find out which lines of Tupperware have BPA in them. Thanks to Tupperware’s Types of plastics in Tupperware products and Recycling Codes pages, we know that the following product lines contain BPA.

Vent N’ Serve

vent n serve

Heat N’ Serve


Rock N’ Serve


Ice Prisms: Bowls, Pitcher and Tumbler Set


Microsteamer (base only)


Microwave Cooker – Oval (cover only)


Microwave Luncheon Plate


Quick Chef (base only)


Sheerly Elegant

This line contains many more items, like a martini shaker and glasses, coasters, stir sticks, and oil bottles. The bowls and the pitcher/tumbler set are the most common that you will find.

Tumbler Bouquet and Pitcher Set (Pitcher only)

Note: I’m not sure if this is the correct Pitcher. It was listed in an August 2008 advertisement as “Tumbler Bouquet and Pitcher Set” but it is the only one I could find.

Keep in mind that not all of these products are offered anymore. And many of them were offered in different color combinations, depending on your location and season.

None of Tupperware’s children’s products contain BPA.

Tupperware’s microwave products are supposed to be heated on medium microwave heat, not high. This is why they won’t replace products from microwave damage. Plus, when you use high heat, the chemicals in the plastic can migrate to your food. Don’t be lazy – change the heat setting before nuking Tupperware!

Hopefully this helps. If you do have any other questions about Tupperware and BPA, please ask me, or even better, Contact Tupperware!

Also, why don’t you Contact Tupperware and tell them you don’t want BPA in Tupperware products and that you would be more likely to buy it if you knew it was BPA free (if that’s the case anyway). Maybe mention to actually make their products BPA free, and not just TELL US they’re BPA free (!SIGG!). We are consumers, hear us roar!


  1. Yikes! My husband uses the Heat n Serves for lunches!! And I didn’t know you can’t use them on high heat either!!

    Thanks for the post!!

  2. Thanks very much for this info. as I have so much Tupperware. But I think the items I have are a mostly 2-5 years older. If I have a pitcher set which is a slightly different design–a few years older–should I assume it contains BPA? And I have two containers that look more or less like the Rock n Serve set but are a few years older–same thing? Are all old microwavable T-ware items probably suspect?

    Thanks in advnace,

    B.K. van den Bosch

  3. I think I need to contact Tupperware about older products. You’re right that what is available on their website seems to be fairly recent products. I don’t know for sure, but I would assume anything with that hard, clear plastic has BPA. If you can flex the product at all, it shouldn’t have BPA in it.

    I will update if I hear anything about the older products.

  4. Ugh – I saw this a couple of months ago, I got rid of all of my tupperware that did not have the proper number on it – I really wanted to get rid of all of it, but I am not there – yet! I purchased a bunch of pyrex and silicone bowls and containers. I so sickened that I heated up food for my daughter in that stuff.

  5. So as far as you know, all of the Modular Mates are ok?

    I have used the Rock N Serves for years. I love them but am now looking to ditch them and find a safer alternative.

  6. Thank you for looking into this. I used to sell Tupperware in the ’90’s and all of my stuff is from then. I think it is time for a change. Just so you know the products (rock and serves) are made from the same plastic as airplane windows. At one time i thought that was a good thing, now not so much. :)

  7. I purchased “microwavable” tupperware in the 1990’s that is beige in color…not transparent but kind of a solid light-colored beige. I do not see them anywhere on your site or on Tupperware’s. Do you know if these contain BPAs? I use them almost everyday and have not gotten any satisfactory answers from Tupperware. Your reply (and knowledge) would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I just want to double check which ones you’re talking about. Do they look like this: Tupperwave Stack Cooker or like this: Legacy Serving Set?

    Either way, they are both safe. If the ones you have aren’t either of these, could you look on the bottom of your Tupperware for a tiny number? With the number I can look up in our parts book what kind it is and let you know for sure.

  9. Thank you for this site. I have what may be an older version of rock n serve or heat n serve. They are clear with colored tops. The numbers are really hard to read, but may be 25438-2 Do you know if they have BPA? Thanks!

  10. I so appreciate you taking the time to let us know which items were made with BPA.

    I have both the almond colored Tupperwave Stack Cooker and the cranberry colored one. Because it’s more of a clear plastic, it concerns me that it may have BPA as well. The number on it is 2192B-1 (although each piece has a different number).

    Can you tell me, if it is BPA-free as well?

    I will definitely be using my Stack Cooker instead of my Rock and Serves from now on. It kills me. I love my Rock and Serves, but I have more than me to consider, and I can’t in good conscience use them anymore.

    Thank you again for your help!

  11. Thank you!
    This is a great website.
    Let's stop poisoning our planet.
    Sorry Tupperware, love you but glass is best.

  12. Judy, did I ever answer you? So sorry if I didn’t. The stack cookers are BPA free, although I agree that they LOOK like the same sort of plastic that has BPA.

  13. Hi – I could not find an answer concerning the Tupperware Modular Mates. Mine do not have the little triangle with a number in it. Do you know if these containers have BPA in them? Also, if a container that contains BPA is used to store dry products,(flour, sugar, etc.), would that be safer than using the container to store liquid products? Thank you – your site is very helpful!

  14. Modular Mates do not have BPA in them, so they’re still safe to use. As for products containing BPA, I personally would feel ok using them for dry storage. I believe it is when the products are heated that BPA leaches into the food. In that respect, they should be ok for liquids as well, as long as you’re not heating it in that container.

  15. I have products from our wedding in 1970. Are they safe?

  16. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  17. I have tupperware from the 1970’s; I’ve always handwashed them and never put them in the microwave. Do they contain bpa?

  18. Wow I do need to do some research before purchasing tupperware. I am glad for your post:)
    Have a great night/day

  19. I have the feeding set for my baby, but it is the older version… or the version before the new one came out. I just e-mailed Tupperware and asked them – but do you know if it is BPA free? I know their website says all children stuff is BPA free, but does that include the older children’s stuff I wonder?

  20. hi,
    thanks for your great research. i am from Australia, does your information apply to us as well?
    Is the smart fridge range BPA free?
    keep up the great work!

  21. Hi Belinda. I couldn’t find any information, but I don’t believe they have BPA. Generally speaking, BPA can be found in the clear-coloured almost acrylic-like plastics. I don’t recall any children’s products being made from anything like this.

    I am also a mom with an 18 month old girl. If I had any doubts about this, I would tell you, but I think you’re ok to use the feeding set.

  22. Hi Grace. The Fridge Smart line does not have BPA in it, so you’re good there. I was looking for information from the Australian Tupperware website earlier and it eventually leads back to the American site for BPA information, so I believe the information stands for Australia as well.

  23. I make sure that everyone I love and care about knows that they should NEVER combine HEAT and plastic. Based on the scientific information available it is my opinion that ALL plastics leach when they get hot. EVEN if the company producing the product says it is safe. This includes putting hot liquids in plastic, and heating things in the microwave.

  24. The fact is that none of you should be heating up food in the microwave…end of problem. Microwaving turns food into free radicals, which damage your body internally when eaten. A study was done in Russia where they put 20 medical doctors in a hotel for a month and fed them exclusively microwaved food. The results of how sick the medical tests showed that those people got was scary. Food microwaves have been banned in Europe for years. Throw away your microwaves as well and get yourself a quality toaster oven with a convection in it.

  25. Great website, thank you. I am wondering if the Alegra and Insulated Servers have bpa in them please? I also saw conflicting information on the Stuffable range and wanted to know if they also have bpa. Thank you.

  26. FYI – as of March 2010 ALL Tupperware products are no longer being made with any BPA’s.

  27. Thanks, Dawna. I knew they were working towards being BPA free. I will add a note to my post about this.

  28. Kelly, I have another post at https://grudgemom.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/which-tupperware-products-have-bpa-in-them/ that lists which products have BPA with photos of them. I don’t believe Alegra, Insulated Servers or Stuffables have BPA in them.

  29. In a perfect world… In the meantime, we’ll just try to limit our exposure.

  30. Hello, I am sadly only now learning about the dangers of BPA. I’m in Australia and BPA use is widespread, most people I’m sure don’t even know about it. I am devastated that I have been using Tupperware Rock & Serves for years for my family, including for my children, assuming that Typperware being so rock solid is ‘super safe.’ I thought I was doing the right thing by avoiding plastic cling wrap when heating, that it was the ‘soft’ plastics that would release the toxins! How wrong was I. Are pyrex glass containers ok for heating lunches? Is it possible to detox from accumulated BPA? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Vicki

  31. The only effect I can think of off the top of my head is that BPA affects the male reproductive system somehow. I can’t quite recall. BPA is definitely a concern, but as of yet, Canada has only banned it in the use of baby bottles. I’m not sure what to think of it yet, but until they ban it as a toxic substance I’m going to assume we’re ok. Unfortunately, BPA can be found in non-plastic items as well. SIGG had stainless steel water bottles with BPA. I believe Pyrex is ok, and that is what I will be using. Hope that helps a bit, Vicki.

  32. Thank you I will be doing quite a lot of research from now on and ask more questions about what I’m using to serve food, what I’m eating and feeding my family, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just because something is available for sale to us in the shops doesn’t mean it’s ok (what we’re told by food authorities here.) I have an overwhelming urge to plant an organic home produce garden and make some other major changes as well.

  33. I have a ton of modular mates that are so handy for dry storage. I wouldn’t store wet foods, especially acidic foods in them, or food high in oil, because whatever is in the plastic could leach out. Have you seen old tupperware that gets kind of pitted inside? That must go somewhere. Also it sometimes has that strong plasticy smell. I keep thinking I want to change over to glass but it’s so bulky. I wish someone would make a stainless modular mate with a glass window on the end. A plastic lid would be OK.

  34. this is serious stuff but I have to sit back and laugh. I mean come on people, it’s simple, the fact that you have to ask permission to use something that is a known poison and dangerous to the health of yourself and your children is like asking permission to wear a condom before doing the nasty. dump anything plastic – safely and go microwavable glass. It’ll be different but safer.

  35. hi,how safe it is to use tupperware for storing in fridge and dry storing.i live in india and i buy from india and how safe is it.Pl reply

  36. Lock @ Lock, all of their containers have no bpa or chemicals harmful to humans. They sell plastic, glass, ceramic and stanless steel containers which are also 100% airtight and leakproof, come with a lifetime warranty can be used in microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and oven. For more information send a email to alissa_kruger@hotmail.com and i will send you link to lock @ lock

  37. Most of my tupperware is 37 years old–cereal bowls were used daily. are they safe? I have a cabinet full of 37 year old tupperware!

  38. I have Tupperware Modularmates that are leaching some sort of plastic smell and taste into the food stored in them. I use them only for storage of dry goods, flour, sugar, cereal, crackers, etc. The containers have never been frozen or microwaved and because I store non-perishable foods in them, they are washed infrequently. When I contacted Tupperware, I was told this problem was not covered under their warranty. It seems that this leaching is “normal” for Tupperware.

  39. Thanks for your posts about Tupperware and BPA – the only information I can find. I am annoyed becasue I just bought the Vent ‘n Serves (called Heat ‘N Eat here in Australia) on the basis that the consultant said they were BPA free. Grrr. Are you able to tell me where you found the information about which plastics the containers are made of? I would like to have some solid information to take back to her. Cheers.

  40. Hi Lisa

    The chart with the plastic information is found at http://order.tupperware.com/coe-pdf/tupp_2010_materials.pdf. Products containing BPA will have a recycling symbol with the number 7 located on the bottom of the item.

    Just a note, if you bought your Heat ‘N Eat dishes very recently, Tupperware’s products are all BPA free now. I can’t say the exact date, but I believe it was starting in the Christmas catalogue here.

  41. I started to buy tupperware products because of believing they are healthy and safe but I’m suspicious about that now. You said tpperware’s products have been all BPA free now, is that valid in Turkey or only in the USa and Canada?

  42. If Tupperware has been BPA free since 2010 why don’t they proudly post it on their website. They don’t post it on their website……I don’t buy it.

    China has no regulations on products manufactured. Who knows what else is in their products.

  43. I just checked Tupperware’s site…given BPA is linked to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Their site says that NO BPA is used in their products used for children. Some of their other products still used BPA. They say, “and in March 2010, we began to use other materials for non-children’s products that had been made from polycarbonate for sale in the U.S. and Canada…” key phrase is “began to use”. http://tinyurl.com/2ag7l4n

  44. My modular mates have started to exude a strong plastic smell and many of the foods, especially bread and crackers have a horrible plastic taste. I called the company but they said their “lifetime” warranty only covers breakage so I threw it all out.

  45. I’d like to point out that, according to Tupperware, none of the CURRENT baby and childrens products contain BPA.

    There is no confirmation from the company that older, discontinued baby and childrens products are safe.

    As yo pointed out in another post, Tupperware tends to hang around in families for years, and be passed down. So if you are using older products, they may not be safe.

  46. I just signed up as a Tupperware consultant because I was sold on the modular mates for dry storage and organization. I am just wondering if you found any information on the current Vent N Serve line containing BPA or not. Thanks!

  47. Thank you for your info. I have sent comments to tupperware….I’d like to share with you…

    I have been revamping my home environment to be free of chemicals. I was shocked to learn that most of my tupperware that I have used over the years & still have (but not much longer) is full of BPA. I have the older rock n serves as well as the newer heat n serves, the luncheon plates & the sheerly elegant line. All have been favorites. Over the next few months I will be replacing them with BPA free products and hope you will listen to consumers that BPA free items will not go away and to keep your market that you will step up and be a leader as you have always done and make products healthier. thank you Heather Wakeen

  48. Thank you for all the information. I am wondering if the Saucy Silicone Spatula has BPA in it? On the list it has a #7 by it.

  49. Thank you so much, very clear, much better than what I could find on the Tupperware site.

  50. Hi Linda. The spatula won’t have BPA in it. Anything that is flexible won’t have it.

  51. Thanks Sandra! That was my hope with this post – to provide clear information for people who are looking for it.

  52. Hi Jenna. I believe all of the product lines in 2011 and going forward are BPA free. But products from last year may still contain BPA.

  53. I RECENTLY found out Tupperware products had BPA. :( Does the mixer cup .. the one that has the measurements on the side and has the lil round thing inside and pour top… have BPA?? I use this to mix my son’s NV with his milk. PLEASE email me as soon as you can if you find out. Thank you sooo much!!!

    Tanya Stilwell

  54. Hi Tanya! No, the Quick Shake does not have BPA in it.

  55. THANK YOU!!! I am sooo relieved!!!

    Tanya Stilwell

  56. Thanks for the great post. I’m going to a Tupperware party next week and wanted this info before I decide on any purchases. I will investigate further with Tupperware as well.

  57. I have a huge “hope chest” filled with brand new tupperware products that are still wrapped in plastic and have never been used. We live with my 81 year old MIL now so we are waiting until we have our house to use them. Now, I’m freaking out as what if they are all filled with BPA, what a waste of money. I honestly don’t even know what I have. UghhH!!!

  58. So what are they replacing BPA with? Something untested and potentially worse?

  59. Dear Grudge MOm ,

    Do the hamburger keepers large and small have BPA . Useing in the freezer is a s bad as microwaving in them because BPA leeches from it into the food . Oh this greedey world we live in nothing is sacred any more.

    Thanks for your good works, Karen Powell : )

  60. I want to use tupperware fresh n pure icetras to freeze baby foods. Do you know if they are deffinetly BPA free?

  61. I just got off the phone with tupperware’s headquarters and am so frustrated. Their website lists which CURRENT tupperware products contain BPA but it says nothing about tupperware from the 1980’s and 1970’s that we all grew up on. The lady (I am sure they outsource their call center because I could barely understand her) gave me the run around by telling me that BPA is very safe. She finally admitted that they had used bpa in the 1970’s and 80’s and insisted that it is completely safe and that they still use it!
    My grandmother-in-law was Tupperware Saleswoman of the year, and the family used to joke about how they didn’t own any glass or ceramic dinnerware, only cooked in plastic Tupperware. She died of cancer at 45. Her son has cancer now. They still drink coffee out of plastic mugs! (1980’s Plastic Tupperware Mugs!) Protect yourselves and families from BPA–Always question when something doesn’t seem right.

  62. Just found this website and the last entry by rachelgmoses on 9/15/2011 was helpful to some regarding the items from the 70 & 80’s. Just so I am clear and understand that ALL tupperware from those years did constain BPA, is that correct?

    Thank you for all this information

  63. Does anybody have any information on all the large storage contianers that you use for flour, rice that type of thing? I purchased mine in 1999 so, I assume they would have BPA in them. How about the cheese keeper? Or the celery keeper ( I purchased that in 2010) At the time I asked the rep if it had BPA and alothough not printed anywhere they assured me they called head office and it wasn’t in the product. I don’t think now that would be true.

    Thank you for any information you have.

  64. All of the products that contain BPA are pictured above, even old products.

  65. I have a quesion about the modula mates made back around 1999……….would they be bpa free? Their current list (if you look at it) really only relates to current manufacture. I have contact them and they really dance around the question and will not answer it…..very frustrating considering how much all these items have cost
    Can anybody help?

  66. Thank you very much for all the research and information. I have a lot of items from the 70’s & 80’s (as well as newer – yes I’ve been buying that long). I can’t seem to find information on: square rounds (80’s), the cookie canister, cake taker, bread keeper, lunchmeat,& bacon keepers (clear-ish/ slightly white-ish from ’73 or 74 – my first purchases). Also, the Original Microwave and Regular oven safe Tupperware (I believe it was just called “Microwave Tupperware”) that was introduced in about ’83 or ’84 as a hostess gift and the similar line that first came out for sale shortly after. This was some type of beige-y material and also came with a clearish storage lid that fit over the micro/ oven safe lid (although it didn’t fit well for long). I have no idea what the material was but do know it’s safe in the conventional oven up to at least 350. I never used it that way much as it wasn’t great to clean up after casseroles that way, but I do know it never melted/pitted the several times I used it in the conv./oven.

    Since I spent this past summer going through radiation/chemo for head & neck cancer, this is extremely important to me. For those of you who would say just throw it out, I spent way too much of our retirement money on Dr.s the 1st year my hubby retired – talk about poor timing – not that there’s ever a good time………….

    We will also be trying to move back to the midwest to be closer to most of family (raised in WI) USN moved us away and we fell in love with WA and have been here 20+ years. Since we have to pay our own moving, I certainly can’t afford any more weight, so if I can use this stuff safely until such time as we get moved.

    I will be extemely grateful if you can get the answers about these items. I will be pitching the lunch heat-able containers since they are on the list. Thank you very much for your time and trouble.


  67. I was jsut looking because I now have a grandson who is just going to start food. But besides him, I took have the original microwave pieces and was curious plus the small maybe 3-4 inches round transparent colored containers that my daughter was thinking of using food in – not heat = just to bring to me – like applesauce. SHe is going to make her own food. This was way before the days of recycling. Before modular mates. Original containers we burped for liquid tight. I was an ex-Tupperware dealer/mgr. back in the early 80’s – have some old tupperware. In fact that started me to become a professional organizer and lead to me writing Organizing for Dummies and being a speaker from having spoken on stage at Tupperware meetings.

  68. Thank you for posting. It would be great for an updated list if you are still doing this.
    I’m quite concerned as today I purchased Tuperware because the Rep indicated their products are BPA free. After coming home and researching it more I now understand from the company’s FAQ that only polycarbonate may be free (not sure if in all products) while BPA Is within Government Standards. I hear it is best to avoid BPA and wouldn’t have bought the new products had I know (such as the heat and serve) I also bough the standard containers, avocado holder, summer deck glasses – and am not certain if they are BPA free.

  69. All products in the current catalogues are BPA free. Your rep told you the truth :)

  70. Thanks for all this info! I bought a couple sets of “Midgets” about 10 years ago. I was about to start using them to store my 4 month old’s baby food as I start making it, but now I am not so sure… I don’t see it listed on your products above, but do you know if it has BPA?

  71. Can you tell me if bph leches into dry products like oatmeal and flour ? And do ziplock baggs contain bph ? Thanks

  72. Oh yes just a tip for those of you that love the hamburger keepers as I do. I dont know if it really help but I use wax paper inside each patty container enough to fold over the top to protect the meat on top then put the lid on. Its just a measure I take dont know if it works. But it cant hurt ! RIGHT, (RIGHT). Best wishes for a gracious day. karen.

  73. Midgets do not have BPA in them.

  74. I honestly don’t know if BPA leeches into dry foods or if Ziploc has BPA. I doubt both though. Generally the BPA leeches out of plastics when they are heated up, so for dry storage it shouldn’t be an issue.

  75. I first wrote on Oct. 25, 2011 trying to find out if the original Microwave Tupperware from the 80’s had BPA in it, but haven’t seen any comments about it. Tupperware hasn’t been at all helpful so have lost a very long time customer. I found the book on these bowls and they’re called “Tupperware Ultra 21 Ovenware” and supposedly can go from the freezer to the Microwave or conventional oven. I use this stuff a LOT and love it, but will give it up if it contains BPA. Any assistance you can provide will be very GREATLY APPRECIATED since Tupperware is really falling down on their job. Thank you.

    Sue M.

  76. I too have the Ultra 21 cookware and love it and was wondering about the safety of using it anymore. I have 2 big bags of broken Tupperware as well and can’t find anyone who will take the time to replace it for me. Also do the Jewel and Smoke glasses from years ago (1990 ish) have BPA ??? Thanks. This is a great source of info. Tupperware won’t be straight forward about the older stuff!!!

  77. THank you for your time. THis was very helpful as I am about to replace my Tupperware first generation micro/oven safe items my 24 yr old was appalled to learn I still used. ={

  78. Plastic to cook in has ALWAYS been a no-no in my home – especially in the microwave! You can actually smell the plastic elements therein, which are repulsive…… I have always used corningware instead.

    However, my kitchen is full of storage containers (for 40 years) and this now really concerns me – as I have had cancer three times. The most serious was the head & neck cancer I had in 2008/9, which nearly killed me off. Through GOD’s grace I pulled through it all….

    So my question is: do the storage containers contain BPA and are they safe to still use? Which 2011/12 containers are also free of BPA (e.g.double diners)?

  79. Loved the comment about “all the children’s range is BPA-free”.

    It’s nice to know Tupperware only sells poisonous products to adults.

    Shame, Tupperware. BPA has been known to be toxic since the 1950s!

  80. Does anyone know about tupperware and phthalates?

  81. They say non of the kids stuff dont contain bpa. But the new kids fast quench i bought has no. 7 printed on the lid!

  82. Compare BPA to DES and the impact it has on our systems. I am throwing all of mine out. I am a DES daughter and the similarities of the two estrogen type chemicals is scary. Going glass.

  83. If Tupperware does not give us answers, I believe a class action suit is in order. I have been using and buying these products way to long to be ignored. I want some sort of credit or refund for all my recent purchases, that fill my panty, that make my food taste very bad

  84. You should update your blog- ALL Tupperware is BPA free!!!

  85. Hi Lauren. That is partially true – all products in the current lineup, ie any on their website or in a catalogue, are free of BPA. But this post is meant for the products that you already have in your cupboards, which still contain BPA unless they were purchased since Christmas 2010.

  86. Hi, I have a complete set of the Ultra 21 ovenware/microwave ware. I can’t find anything on it’s status with regard to BPA. Do you know anything about it.

  87. According to Tupperware’s website, none of their products sold since 2010 contain BPA, yet you list vent-n- serve as containing BPA. It appears vent-n-serve replaced the old rock-n-serve which did have BPA. Can you direct me to the source of your info on vent-n-serve and BPA?

  88. The Ultra 21 ovenware/microwaveware is BPA free.

  89. Sharon, I have the following information posted in my original blog post about Tupperware:

    Certain Tupperware products are made from polycarbonate, including serving products and Rock ‘N Serve™/Vent ‘N Serve™ storage and microwave reheating containers. However, polycarbonate is NOT used in Tupperware baby bottles or toys.


    They have removed the page that was located at this link though. There is an updated version of the document that was there, but they have reformatted it to pertain specifically to their current lineup, not past products. I guess I’m the only source of this information now…

    I would guess that if the Vent n Serve was bought prior to 2010 it has BPA. If bought since then, it is BPA free…

  90. Thank you for the Ultra 21 info. Tupperware should have been able to answer that question in the five times I contacted them. They have lost a very long time customer. Thanks for all the info on this.

  91. May I simply say what a comfort to discover somebody who actually knows what they are discussing online. You certainly realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people should look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular because you certainly have the gift.

  92. Do the old hamburger keepers for the freezer contain Bpa ?

  93. Are midget containers safe to use for formula? BPA free?

  94. Yes and yes :)

  95. I live in Poland. I had been buying lots Tupp for many years. I liked it. BPA free in it is only in Canada and USA?

  96. So if I’m reading this correctly the vent & serve I just bought in January 2013, Does NOT contain BPA?

  97. Correct!

  98. Wow, well done on the research.

  99. Thank you for this website. I just watched the film “Plastic Planet” and got my eyes opened. So have been searching for hours for info on Tupperware and BPA. It is hard to find. Which in itself should make you go hmmmm. I live in Germany and the microwave products are big sellers here! I use the rice cooker almost daily. And the Microkanne. Its hard red plastic, like the rock n serve. Gosh I hope I havent been poisoning my kids.

  100. By the way. I think Tupperware should be forced to be responsible for the products THEY produced and sold to us (at outrageous prices might I add). If they dont refund or replace these poisonous products, they should at least be forced to dispose of them for us!! Like hazardous waste. Maybe we should plan an “international dump on tupperwares doorstep day”, and everyone can give back their garbage to them directly!

  101. Thank you for all your information. I have not seen anyone mention Freezer Mates and the Season Serve container (for marinating) I bought all my Tupperware products in the 90s and mid 2000s. Do they have BPA?

  102. I was trying to find out if the Crayola Stackable Plastic plates, cups, and bowls are BPA free? They are probably about 4 years old and say they are microwave safe. My daughter has developed asthma and i’m concerned about her being exposed to BPA too much. Do you have any reccomendations for inexpesive microwave/dishwasher safe dishes and bowls that are good to use with young children that break everything? LOL

  103. Thank you for explaining what Tupperware haven’t! I’m feeling better about the Modular Mates and the flexible containers. Thanks for your research.

  104. Concerned Mom – Tupperware will dispose of your unwanted products for you. They recycle them into other products like builders film.

  105. Do the old brightly colored bell tumblers from the 70/80s contain BPA? I have seen this asked above but not a clear yes or no answer. Thank you!

  106. No BPA in bell tumblers!

  107. Yeah! Thank you for your response.

  108. thanks for sharing. its good informations lol :)

  109. Hi I am late to this party. Does your statement mean that if I purchase any product, even the vent and serve in pictured here, today it would not contain BPA or do those product pictured still contain it. Thank you for posting this, I called tupperware but did not believe them.

  110. Yes, if you order something out of today’s catalogue it will be BPA free. But double check with your salesperson that they are getting the stock from Tupperware’s warehouse and not from their own stock. If it is from their own stock, the product may be older and still contain BPA. By the way, reps stocking up on good prices to sell to customers at full price is not uncommon.

  111. Thank you for the help. This is good information.

  112. Do old Tupperware products (pre-1970) contain BPA? I have a classic pale green ‘Crisp-It’ bowl with a burping whitish lid (patent #’s listed on bottom are 2,859,786, 2,813,589 and 3,451,328; there is also ‘679-1’ below these numbers). Thank you.

  113. Nope, that one’s good.

  114. Hi, I have lots of modular mates, never bought microwaveable containers as my husband is a chemical engineer and believes that all forms of plastic heated in a microwave will leech chemicals into your food. We use toastables foods for lunches and warm out food by using our slow cooker on a timer for those that are late arrives to the table. Hope this helps you.

  115. Remember the dark red, hard plastic microwave cookers? They might have been called Tupperware casserole with cone. You could do cool cakes in the microwave and stand up a chicken on the cone and cook it. I am assuming that they have BPA since they are hard and are for the microwave. Correct?

  116. Strangely enough, those ones are ok!

  117. I have 2 quart pitchers, one orange and one yellow. I use them regularly for apple juice, lemonade , iced tea, and other cold drinks. They are from the 1970s. Are they safe to keep using?

  118. They should be fine.

  119. I have 3 wonderlier mixing bowls pastel colors with lids, 1 beige 2 qrt pitcher with lid, hard 8×8 cake keeper, hard orange10x8? with whitish flexible top of same depth, large angel round cake carrier, large round pie taker all from the seventies. Do they have bpa or pthalates?
    Ange Sept 6/13

  120. I have the tall glasses that are green, purple, blue. They have a G on the bottom. Also 107-54, etc. Are these safe?

  121. If the glasses you are referring to are these ones, then yes they have BPA in them:

    [image: p10053021000_detail]

  122. I cant see the picture.Are they these?

    Mary Lou & Paul Jendrucko Sequim Lavender Company 503 Guiles Road Sequim, WA 98382 360-582-1907 come fetch us at: dogdotcalm@yahoo.com

    The contents of this e-mail (including attachments) are private, Confidential, and may contain privileged and/or proprietary information. This e-mail is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 USC Sections 2510-2521. Unauthorized review, use, disclosure, forwarding, copying, or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient or this was sent to you in error or inappropriately, please immediately contact the sender by e-mail or call the phone number above. Please then delete the e-mail and destroy any copies. We regret any inconvenience. All messages are Copyright 2013Mary Jendrucko.

  123. I have a brown canister set with clear rippled tops from the early 70’s. Are these ok to use? What about cake carriers from same time? Thanks for your help.

  124. I have several old, large, canister type containers for storing flour, sugar, confectioner’s sugar, rice, etc. They are white, rather translucent and are bendable. Are these safe for food storage? Thank you.

  125. Just to confirm.. Ultra 21 products are BPA free, correct? How did you find out? Wonder why Tupperware stopped making this product.

  126. oh boy I have a lot of money invested in my Tupperware, I bought it all in the 1980s I am still using it, my daughter made me aware of the problem with bpa,s I was told and my Tupperware have a warrenty for life on it, Tupperware should do the right thing and replace mine with updated safe storage containers, I need a manager or the main office to contact me, and let me know where I stand, they cant expect me to just throw them in the landfill, Darlene, please direct me futher in a email as to who I contact in Oshawa ont Canada

  127. I, too, sold Tupperware in the early 90’s. We were living on the island of Guam and it was big business. I have tons of it and hate to throw it away. Lots of modular mates that I have stored my food in for well…..20+ years. It’s all bad, huh? Based on your research would your recommendation be to get rid of all of it? For food use anyway. I have started using my modular mates for non-food items.

  128. Modular Mates are ok. There is no BPA in them.

  129. Thank you for the info. I also have been using tupperware for many years. I didnt see anything mentioned about the square round containers. Just to confirn is Ultra 21 safe to use. If the majority of my other tupperware is a #4 and #5 are they safe to store dry goods in. Thank You

  130. What about the Tupperwave and acrylic open house set? Thank you for this info!

  131. Someone above asked about the Wonderlier bowls and someone else asked about the old large canisters for flour and sugar, but I see no responses for these. Can you comment on whether the older Wonderlier bowls as well as the whitish clear flour and sugar canisters are BPA free.

  132. can you double check, I have modular mates see trough storage for dry goods, they were bought sometime after 1983 to 1991, I have a baby in the house now so please advise me if there are bpa in mine, I don’t want to have to trow them in the garbage Date: Thu, 8 May 2014 03:06:51 +0000 To: d.hovland@hotmail.com

  133. Modular mates do not contain BPA.

  134. Your containers are ok.

  135. So very glad to have stumbled on your blog. Thank you is not sufficient for the info you are providing. While I don’t cook in plastic at all , I have read that just putting it in dishwasher causes it to leak the chemicals. I have the pitcher and tumbler set with the numbers 5107D-4. Do you know if they have BPA? Thanks again!

  136. Hi.. i have tupperware boxes which i bought in 2005 or 2006. the number beneath the box is 1609-1,1612-16 n many more. Till now they were not used and i was planning to put dry snacks,cookies, pasta etc. Basically as storage boxes. i am not sure whether they have BPA or not.. or should i use them around food at all? please help.

  137. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine
    but when checking in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, fantastic blog!

  138. My granddaughter loves the old tupperware tumblers her dad grew up on in the early 80’s — yellow & orange cups, lid has sippy hole which works great… What about these plastics — are the lids AND the cups BPA free (& free of any other harmful chemicals???) Would hate to be exposing her to bad stuff & hope I didn’t hurt my kids either!!! [Number on the bottoms: 1320-9 F and 1318-7 F] Also have a matching kids plate with rim: 1317-5. THANKS SOOOO MUCH for this site!!!

  139. I have many tupperware items from the ’70’s and ’80’s which I use for dry, refrigerator, and freezer storage. Are they not safe for usage? Is there somewhere or someone that could identify what is unsafe?

  140. Can you tell me if the “vintage” hamburger keepers are free from BPA.

  141. Hi. I am a Tupperware Consultant. I have a pdf with the information Tupperware gives us regarding BPA. If you would like the pdf please email me at dianatupperware@yahoo.com. Please place in the subject line BPA Information. I can tell you Tupperware is advancing with the world and has made major improvements to the already great products to keep the consumers happy. I am on vacation but will reply within the week. I am an independent consultant and do not work at Tupperware headquarters so please call customer care with any complainants (please do not email to me…just trying to help you guys get answers!) Have a great day!

  142. Hello, I used to sell Tupperware in the 1980″s when the Ultra 21 was released and have quite a bit of it. I really love it.

    My question is: Does this product have any toxins that leech into the food during cooking & storing. I use some in the microwave and the dish gets very hot. And, I use some in the oven.

    Also, I wonder about the square rounds. Do they have toxins? Should I let food cool before storing?

    The above products I use a lot
    Thank you for your time and research you have done. I was getting sick thinking I might have to get rid of my Tupperware. Have a wonderful day!

  143. I remembered I have a set of table dinnerware in a peach color. It states Not for microwave or conventional oven. The part # for the plate is 2249A-5. The mug is #2252A-2.

    And, I have some 12 oz clear acrylic tumblers in smoke 673-3 & blue 673-7, bowls 2108-A3, 2062A-5, punch bowl w/ cups, etc.

    To marinaide meat, part .#1518-5. Sorry, The names escape me at the moment.

    I’m trying to eliminate any plastic with BPA &/or other toxins.
    Thank you again for your help.

  144. Tupperware will out and out LIE and tell you your rock and serve bought in 2005 or before does not contain BPA. I spent four weeks going back and forth on the phone and spoke to four no service customer reps. All they would say, is send it in at your expense, and we will check it for BPA. If it does not have BPA in it, we will send it back. Of course, it does not have BPA in it according to them because they already determined that because there is NO offer for replacement. Of course, it goes to say I will NEVER buy another piece of tupperware and will discourage anyone I come in contact with to avoid it at all costs because no matter what they claim – you are at risk to believe it.

  145. I have a 4pc blue canister set that is in perfect condition.My family is concerned that it is not BPA free,since it was purchased in the 70’s.Will Tupperware replace it .

  146. I have heard even if a plastic container is BPA free, the manufacturer still puts other toxic materials to actually make the plastic container. Do you know if this is true?

  147. Will Tupperware reimburse me for my rock n serve?

  148. Even though this is a terrific webpage. Would it be ok to advise to director to check out Punch Television Studios due to the fact that they’re supplying money for producers up to $100 thousands dollars to make a feature movie with them. Indie producers should check it out. #punchtv #josephcollinspunchtv

  149. Do the impression tumblers from the 90s have bpa?

  150. I have 16 oz. Tupperware tumblers–blue, pink. gray & green. They are slightly flexible & there were clear lids that you use to seal if not drinking from them. There appears to be a “J” on the bottom & the numbers 1348-28. Are they free of BPA ? They are quite old.

  151. my Tupperware predates the little triangle w/ number inside, they must be 30 years old. they are round translucent semi flexible w/ sea foam green lids. I hope they are safe, I love ’em.

  152. Do Clear hard plastic vent and serve containers with recycle code
    FP 5 Contain BPAS, they are a three piece set with blue red and green vented lids.

  153. Do the orange canisters the 1970s contain BPA?

  154. I have not seen any questions regarding the Tupperware oblong steamer. I have had it for many years. It was pinkish in color, with a cream holded insert to steam food. What do you know about the safety of that item? Thanks for all the information you have provided on this topic!

  155. just reading about this now, very concerned. I don’t know when I purchased my “rock ‘n serve” set – there is no number 7 on any of them….but I have numbers 4151A-2, 4150A-4, 3703A-4….I would be very grateful to know if they contain BPA as they will get pitched, if so. Thanks so much.

  156. and I have one more micro container I’m not sure when purchased….3384AS-4. Thanks.

  157. The lids and some containers of my Tupperware have a strong plastic odor (modular mates,cereal bowl lids, canister sets, marinating dish, etc). I am guessing that the plastic is degenerating with age as my cabinets smell like plastic. I have placed them elsewhere and that too now has a plastic odor. My Tupperware is from the 90’s and early 2000. Has Tupperware changed the formula for lids (and some containers) to not produce this odor? It is in excellent condition,, no stains etc. but the plastic odor makes it unusable. I have read about BPA but what about this strong plastic smell? Can the plastic off-gas into my food and if so are they considered VOC’s?
    Thank you.

  158. Does the old gallon size tea pitchers (orange & brown) have bpa n them? Been using them for years.

  159. Does it have to be stamped BPA free if it’s there claiming it. I bought both from Tupperware that were made in Mexico nothing about them saying they are BPA free on it doesn’t even say they’re microwaveable on the bottom

  160. So for those of us who purchased quite a lot of Tupperware many years ago, at a great cost because it had a lifetime warranty, the warranty doesn’t cover making us ill due to what the product is made of. Way to go Tupperware! You didn’t mind charging way more than any other similar product on the market but you don’t want to honour the lifetime thing! The decent thing would be to swap for safe products no matter what the age.
    And BTW I was told that I couldn’t get a refund on the rock n serve (or whatever it’s called) because it wasn’t heated on Med. Fortunately I had an old Tupperware Consultant at my party who confirmed that they were NEVER TOLD that they could only be heated on Med. Needless to say it didn’t matter.
    I will NEVER purchase another Tupperware item as long as I live and will discourage anyone else from doing so.

  161. Great learning space. * Do the following tuppertoys produced over the decades contain BPA:? I have a well preserved collection including connecting animals (giraffe, dog, elephant), shape-o ball, school bus, school playground, Winnie the Pooh picnic set, mini baking playsets, Disney cookie cutters, etc. Also, what about the special dark blue bakery set with pastry mat? As we all know Tupperware has been generationally inbred for a lot of us. Myself growing up and as a past consultant during the mid 90’s, I too have complete ranges of “impressions”, “modularmates”, “stackware”,
    “rock n serves”, “bake and ovenware”, “entertainer” and “bbqware”, etc and many mid 1980 items too – in great condition. I always made mention to my clients “treat your tupperware like its crystal and you won’t be disappointed.” Tupperware Australia never mentioned to me (whilst as a team member) anything about BPAs, rather heavily promoted “saving the planet by reusing containers and producing less rubbish for landfill”. Another source conducted a survey (who? and when?) found that of the total number of Australian households of the time, only 4% did not own one item of Tupperware….amazing stats! Look forward to your reply. Cheers – Jo

  162. I have a lot that I have had since 1974 and the 80’s is it safe

  163. Oh dear! This article is horribly inaccurate.

    I’ve been selling Tupper for 35 years. People, stop throwing away your older Tupperware! Only a few lines had BPAs. Most notably ROCK-n-Serve (Vent-n-Serves do NOT have BPAs), the acrylic products from the 80s and 90s (watercolor/deluxe tumblers and serving pieces.

    BPAs only become a problem when HEATED IN THE MICROWAVE. So drinking out of the deluxe or watercolor tumblers or serving/storing food in the bowls does not release BPAs. It is best to write Tupperware with your concerns.

  164. I have been using many Tupperware food storage containers from 1984/5, not pictured in your article above.
    I just learned they contain BPA. Tupperware rep said they will not replace them unless damaged.
    I consider them damaged since they contain a banned substance!
    Have you had any feedback from anyone able to have their co tai era replaced by Tupperware?

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