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Week End

May 29, 2009

Week end, being the end of the week. Oh my, you have no idea how this week went. I am so glad the “work week” is over. Although Court is still on call 24/7 until 6 am Monday morning.

Monday was our visit to the breastfeeding clinic, where we determined that Penny has essentially been starving for about a month now. Nope, I don’t feel guilty for that… not one little bit. HA! I know it’s not my “fault”, but the fact is she wasn’t getting enough to eat. If we had continued at that pace I’m pretty sure she would have been “diagnosed” as failure to thrive. Instead, I’m taking domperidone (Motilium), and Penny has gained 11 oz in the 3 days I had been taking it (now 4 days, but I haven’t weighed her).

I’ve been working on an anniversary “do” for my grandparents. It is their 50th anniversary this year, and no matter how unassuming and humble they are, I’m not letting an achievement like that go unmentioned. Alot of their family is in Quebec, and without meaning to be offensive, old. They won’t be traveling to Calgary for the festivities. So it seems there will really only be close family and a couple of close friends. We decided to take them for a really nice dinner, and get them limo transportation to and from. In the meantime, I snatched old photo albums from their house to look through for ideas. I happened to grab their wedding album, as well as commemorating the births of my uncles and my mom. I went to Blacks Photography to have some of the photos scanned, retouched and reproduced. The bridesmaids’ dresses really weren’t that horrible, so I’m going to attempt to find something similar to wear to the dinner, and we have an absolutely stunning florist who I’d like to recreate my Nana’s wedding bouquet.

It was bizarre looking through all the photos! I’ve never looked at old pictures of them and never knew what they looked like before the image that I know now. I saw photos of my mom as a child, as a teenager! Again, I’ve never seen them before. Actually, my mom passed away 19 years ago (last Friday was the anniversary of her death). I was 9 at the time, and really the image of her in my mind is the photo that all of us have that was current when she died. It’s amazing how much she looked like me, or I guess I should say I look like her.

In the midst of all my running around dropping off photos, picking up photos, shopping (because we finally got money back from Manulife for Penny’s first glasses, and for Court’s, which the dog ate in January), Penny inevitably got hungry. I try to time it well so that I’m not really out in public to feed her. But it doesn’t always work. Turns out that she got hungry on my way to pick up Court from work the other day. I’m not exactly a fan of making her wait while I pick him up and fight through rush hour traffic out of downtown Calgary. In fact, I won’t do it. It was hot, the car doesn’t have air conditioning. So I told Court I was going to sit in the shade beside his building to feed her before we head home. Needless to say I didn’t have anything even resembling a blanket to try to cover up a bit with. So I sat on the bench on 8th Ave, at 5:10 pm with all the busy worker bees streaming by on their way home and fed my little gal! Most of the women that noticed turned up the corner of their mouths into a bit of a smile. The guys that noticed immediately looked away again. Regardless of their reactions, I finally nursed in public! I was so proud of myself!

And on top of my busy week, my bestest friend ever (since grade 1!) had her second baby girl on Wednesday, May 27th, which was actually her due date. So we welcome little Kacie Michaela! Looking forward to pictures and visiting her soon, and with 5 months difference between her and Penny, they should becoming great playmates.

So as the “work week” comes to a close, we are enjoying an evening of video games with friends. That’s before I put Court to work tomorrow! Muahahahaha!



May 26, 2009

Does anyone have experience getting their benefits provider to pay for something they normally wouldn’t pay for?

Our provider normally covers $300 every 2 years per person for glasses. But with Penny being almost 5 months old, and her prescription is expected to change 2 or 3 times a year… that’s a whole lotta moola out of our pocket. I was reading for Americans (I’m Canadian, remember), that if the glasses are considered prosthetic instead of cosmetic, you can argue for your benefits provider to cover them as a medical necessity. But… aren’t every pair of glasses with a prescription considered a medical necessity?

Argh! I don’t expect them to pay every cent of every pair of Penny’s glasses. But when 1 pair costs $300 and we are theoretically looking at 4-6 pairs in her first 2 years (assuming she doesn’t break any, which I’m sure she will)… anything over that $300 would be nice. But I don’t know how to go about arguing that with them.

Anyone with experience on this? Or any input on the matter?


Welcome to Blog #2

May 14, 2009

So, I should have started this blog like 4 months ago. Or at least about 11 or 12 weeks ago, when I started my other blog – Carrots Make You Blind?!?!. My other blog is about my daughter’s eyes. She was born with bilateral congenital cataracts and the blog chronicles what happens to her eyes. Since that one is specifically about her eyes, and I keep coming up with stuff I want to post that has nothing to do with her eyes, I started blog #2.

To catch everyone up to date so far:

I am Nicole, a 28-year-old new mom. I am married to Court, my 25-year-old techie, nerdy, anime and video game loving husband of almost 2 years. Our little girl, Penny, was born January 5th this year. Our lives have completely changed since she was born. I realize we are not the first couple to be affected by a baby being born, but it is the first time OUR lives have been changed by it.

Not only is having a baby new to us, we found out when Penny was 5 weeks old that she was born with bilateral congenital cataracts. You can read the full story on blog #1. Short version: Penny had cataracts in both eyes, just like Court did when he was a baby. She had surgery on both eyes by the time she was 9 weeks old, and intraocular lens implants put in. She got glasses when she was 11 weeks old.

Since I am on maternity leave, which in Canada can be up to a year, my life is baby, baby, baby right now. This blog is going to be about our lives, but will mostly have to do with Penny right now. I will give everyone fair warning: I am a breastfeeding mother. I intend to talk about breastfeeding in my blog. I also intend to post photos of breastfeeding. And I’m going to share links and other information about breastfeeding. If you think breastfeeding is gross, don’t read my blog. Simple as that.

I hope blog #2 will be interesting to someone other than me. I don’t want to write about “Today I folded the laundry”. Please feel free to comment on anything and everything!