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Business Cards from

September 2, 2009

Contest closed. Ann from Little Four Eyes and Emi from The Cloth Diaper Report won!

OK, seriously? Who doesn’t need business cards?

Everyone has business cards these days – obviously anyone who works in an office has one; your hairdresser has one; your doctor’s office probably writes your next appointment time on the back of one; even the Etsy and WAHMs I deal with have one!

But guess what. I don’t have a business card. I’ve never had a business card with my name on it, even when I was the Assistant Regional Production Manager at the newspaper (although I DID get my own email address for that job).

Well, along comes with their business cards. I hopped over to their page to see about making myself some business cards for my graphic design work – just something to have to give people so they might remember me. Little did I know, business cards aren’t a standard 2″ x 3.5″ anymore. You can get different business card sizes, including 2×2, 2×3 and the normal 2×3.5. I’ve never seen business cards done in smaller sizes before, and I would be interested in seeing them! They also do custom sizes by 1/4″ increments from 2″ and up.

I HAVE seen die cut business cards before though, usually with rounded corners. has rounded corners, 1 rounded corner, half circle side, circle and leaf shaped corners. Talk about making your business cards stand out!

Personally, I’m going to design my own unique business cards, so I don’t need the rounded corners (we might get that on my husband’s busines cards though). Instead, I’ll look at my other available options. I can choose to have a full color design on the front AND on the back, full color on the front and black & white on the back, or full color on the front and a black backside. As a graphic artist, I think I’d need to be shot if I didn’t take full advantage of full color on both sides of my business cards!

Now I just need to come up with my design. When I’m done, I can upload it, and receive a free proof (BONUS!). For people who aren’t graphic designers, has U-Design, a free online design tool. You can browse through 104 different templates to use for your business card, or create your own using the U-Design tool. Once you choose a template, you can customize the business card so it’s just the way you want it. For the back of your business card, you can choose to leave it blank, put in appointment information (like the doctor’s office mentioned above), or put in a yearly calendar! I never thought of putting a yearly calendar on a business card before, but that would sure be handy! I know I would keep a person’s business card in my wallet just for the calendar!

So now I’ve uploaded my custom design, and you’ve picked your template and customized it. Do you know what the best thing is about They are an environmentally friendly company! They use soy/vegetable based inks and recycled paper. They recycle all of their scraps. And they use a special coating on most of their products to help improve bio-degradability.


I lied. Being environmentally friendly is not the best thing about, but it’s pretty high up there. The BEST thing is that they are giving 2 of my readers 500 free business cards! And I’m going to make it easy for you to enter.

All of the following steps MUST be done to enter, but only 1 comment is required:

  • Follow me, @nicolemarr on Twitter.
  • Follow @uprinting on Twitter (they run Digital Room)
  • Leave a comment here telling me how you would do your own business cards – Would you design your own and upload it? Would you use the U-Design tool to create your own design? Or would you use one of the templates on U-Design? I will give you 1 bonus entry if you tell me which template design you like the most!

Not required to enter the contest, but definitely appreciated, would you mind tweeting your entry?

Now the details: Two (2) winners. Contest only open to US shipping addresses. Winners must pay for shipping (approx. $10). Contest closes September 10, 2009 at 11:59 pm MST. Winners will be notified by email (so make sure you leave one)!


Postcards Giveaway Winners!

September 1, 2009

I wrapped up the 200 Custom Postcards giveaway last night. A big thank you to everyone who participated! Out of 23 entries, the following two were picked using

by Megan

I would use them for a business promo
by Celeste

Congratulations to Megan and Celeste! I have emailed both ladies, and they will be receiving a code from directly.


Postcard Giveaway

August 16, 2009

Have I ever shown you Penny’s birth announcement? Our wonderful photographer, Beverly at Orange Glow Photography designed Penny’s birth announcement using photos she took at Penny’s first photo session.

Sorry, a photo of our announcement. We don't have a digital file.

Sorry, a photo of our announcement. We don't have a digital file.

These announcements were printed as 4×6 photos and cost us $50 for 50 announcements.

Now, if we had known about when we had these printed, we could have gone there and printed custom postcards for a fraction of the price. Not only would we have paid less, it would have been on a postcard-quality paper (not photo paper), and they would have been done in 1, 2 or 3 days and then shipped out.

Now I’m giving you a chance to have your own postcards made at Two lucky winners – yes that’s two of you – will win 200 Custom Postcards (choose your size: 4×6, 4.25×6, 5×7″) with full color on both sides! Coming from the printing industry folks, I know what a great prize you are getting here!

But I bet you’re wondering what you could do with 200 custom postcards?

Idea #1 – Large Sized Business Cards
For WAHM’s, you can use custom postcards to send out extra information that wouldn’t normally fit on your business card. I got a card just like this from a cloth diaper shop with their washing instructions on one side, and extra business information on the other side.

Idea #2 – Holiday Greetings
Christmas is coming pretty quickly, and I bet if you’re reading my blog, you’ve had a new addition since last Christmas. Using a custom postcards is a great way to show off your little one to the whole family this year. On one side you can have your family photo (or more than one), and on the other side you can put a holiday greeting and maybe a small note to introduce the new baby.

Idea #3 – Announcements
Have you sent your baby announcements yet? I was horribly slow getting mine into the mail. If you hadn’t planned to do any, or haven’t done yours yet, this is a great opportunity to use custom postcards to make some up. Use a collage of favorite photos on one side, and your little bundle’s important information on the other side. Family that you don’t see very often would definitely appreciate one of these announcements to introduce your little one.

Idea #4 – Thank You Cards
You’ve sent out your announcements already, but have you sent out all your thank you’s? That’s something else I was bad for, and when they did go out, they were generic thank you cards left over from our wedding two years ago. I could have used custom postcards to make gorgeous thank you cards using more photos of Penny – come on, who wouldn’t want more pictures of Penny? If you choose the uncoated type of custom postcards, you can leave an area to write a personalized note on the back.

There are so many different ways to use custom postcards. If you won them, what would you do with them? Leave a comment below to be entered to win. (This comment is required to enter)

To earn extra entries, do any of the following and leave a comment for each telling me you did:

Contest closes 11:59 pm MST August 31, 2009. This contest is only open to the US. Winners will need to pay the shipping (approximately $10 for 5 day USPS, faster options available)



Another Britax Marathon Giveaway

July 27, 2009

How can you tell I want a Britax Marathon carseat for Penny? And how can you tell I’m determined to get one with a minimum of wallet-action? Those suckers are expensive here! But Stacey at uses them because they’re the safest and the best. So I want me one too.

And one of the ways I can get me one is to tell you that The First Time Around is giving away a Marathon CS carseat in cowprint. Click through here and go enter for yourself! There’s about 300 entries as I write this, which is not alot for a high profile giveaway like this.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s open to Canadians!?!


Blow-my-mind Contest!

July 22, 2009

The first review/giveaway blog I came across was, and I thought it was the coolest blog ever! And pretty soon I found out there’s no less than 672 review/giveaway blogs out there (number pulled outta my @$$). So, I don’t try to enter every last giveaway I see because there’s just too many. I could spend my entire day entering these things.

But once in a while, a great one comes along. This is one of them. Emi over at The Cloth Diaper Report reviewed a Britax Marathon CS Carseat. Not much reviewing needed to be done by her – she was recently in a horrific car accident, and her Britax carseat saved her daughter’s life. But along with her review, she is giving away a Britax Marathon CS in your choice of colour! This is a blow-my-mind contest! Britax are like the Cadillac of carseats, way up there on price, but WAY up there on safety. These are what Stacey over at uses for her carseat rentals, and she swears by them. You know what else is great? 1. They have pink. 2. They hold up to a 65 pound child. 3. THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO CANADIANS!!! I don’t think I can fit in enough exclamation marks for this one. All the good contests are never open to Canadians.

Make sure you get over there – entries are at about 218 (with all of mine to come) at the time of me writing this. 218 ain’t alot for a giveaway this big!


The iTwins’ Birthday Giveaway!

July 2, 2009

Also going on this month is a massive giveaway contest from @mamajoss and her iTwins for their 1st and 2nd birthdays on August 4th and 6th. Sponsors include: Kelly’s Closet, LegHuggers, GADBaby Diapers, WettGiggles, Bummas, The Sofia Valeria Collection,, Happy Panda, Dittany Baby, Baby Dipper, Ruffle Butts, Skin Free, NEW Purex 3-in1 Laundry Sheets, and Wee See!


The Eco Chic Giveaway!

July 2, 2009

The Echo Chic is spending 2 whole weeks giving away tons of stuff – Dittany Baby, Eco Label Fundraising, Ergo Baby Carriers, Green Planet Parties, Hand Picked Pumpkin, Homemade Baby Food Recipes, Kids Think Big, Ladybug Diapers, Mommy Necklaces,, Paper Culture, Piggy Paint, Pure Design Company, TerraCycle, and ToGo Ware are all sponsors! Make sure you check it out!