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DeviantArt on Display

August 31, 2009


Nursing by ~samanthaweber

A small note about DeviantArt on Display: I have saved all of the artwork and uploaded to this blog simply because it only takes one person reporting this art as offensive for it to be removed from They are beautiful, not offensive. This is why I am displaying them here.


Got a minute? Help Holly win a trip to Vegas!

August 27, 2009

Take a minute and stop in at, and check out why Holly should win a trip to Vegas for SITScation. After you check out her entry, click on the “I Like This” link to help her out. Why? Because she’s local – well more local than most people I know online. The contest originally wasn’t open to Canadians, but she entered anyway, and now they’re “working around her location issues.” Yay for her, and good luck!


Penny’s Not Allowed To Be An Avid Reader

August 26, 2009

And I’m sure every parent is looking at me in horror with that statement out in the open. Don’t get me wrong, I want Penny to read. I want her to share my love of books and enjoy reading just about anything.

For the record, I have only put down 3 books in my life: Interview with a Vampire – apparently written at a grade 12 level and I’m too stupid for that; Lord of the Rings – tried to start on the 2nd book after watching the 1st movie, should have known better; and Princess of Burundi – ridiculously slow crime novel from Scandinavia or somewhere like that. If I crack it open, I read it.

In grade 5 I had to answer a survey for my new teacher so she could find out more about me. One of the questions was how many books I read in a year, with the options of 0, 1-2, 3-4 or 5+. At that time, I scoffed at the survey. I was reading 5+ in a month! Fortunately for me, my dad works at a book and magazine distribution company and I had pretty much unlimited access to books. I still read alot, spending probably $400-$500 a year at Chapters (I’ve reformed – I have a library card now). Since Penny’s been born though, my book stack is growing and I’m not getting much reading done. I’ve actually only finished one book, and am about 3/4 through a second.

But back to the purpose of this post. I read alot. I read alot now, as an adult, and just as avidly as a teen and as a child. This was not a good thing! I read to the detriment of my social life. I remember my dad throwing me outside and telling me not to come back for X number of hours. I would ride my bike aimlessly around the neighbourhood, maybe go sit on a swing for a few minutes, and go home again. Now all of 32 minutes have passed since I was tossed out, yet I start begging to come inside again. All I wanted to do was read! I would read past my bedtime – aka after I was sent to bed and having a light on would get me caught.

I would read until there was no longer enough light coming in my window to see the words on the pages. Hence the reason I wear glasses now. Oh yeah, and I read for so long that I go cross-eyed and put strain on my eyes. The doctor has told me I need to look up every 15 minutes or so to refocus my eyes.

I remember doing a group book report project in grade 6, where we needed to read the book as a group in class, then do some sort of big report project after. We weren’t supposed to read any of the book at home. I took my book home the first night and read the whole thing. I got in alot of trouble for that. I ended up doing a project on my own, on the book “Where the Red Fern Grows” which, to be honest, was exactly what I wanted.

Are you seeing the trend here? Nicole sits in the corner with her book, and avoids all contact with other human beings, cringing away if one passes too closely. I have trouble making friends now. I am completely comfortable with kids and usually teens. I’m great with older people. But I can’t carry on a conversation with people my age. I can’t walk up to them and say hi and introduce myself. Well, I can’t do any of this in person. Put a computer screen in between, and presto-chango I’m a whole new person!

I can look back now and see that the number of books I read isn’t a good thing. I chose to spend my time with my nose in a book, exploring worlds that aren’t my own. I could get lost for days in worlds of fantasy, particularly on Pern with dragons filling the skies. I could back then, and I still can now, albeit with books that are 3 times as thick and cost much more. Reading that much is not healthy, and needs to be balanced with other equally important parts of life. I didn’t learn this before, and I pay for it now with a few friends instead of many (and not all of them quality friends yet), shyness around my contemporaries, and ultimately that all contributes to low self esteem and depression.

In the last few years I have realized how much my reading affected who I am, and because of that, I don’t want Penny to be an avid reader. I want her to love reading, to be able to lose herself in another world. But I want her to be able to pull herself back and enjoy the world she’s in too.


DeviantArt on Display

August 25, 2009


happy childhood by ~Izzolastep

I’m deviating a little bit this week. I normally display non-photoraphic art, because you have to make a conscious decision to have breastfeeding as a subject. But this photo “tugs” at me, as it should with every breastfeeding mom out there!

A small note about DeviantArt on Display: I have saved all of the artwork and uploaded to this blog simply because it only takes one person reporting this art as offensive for it to be removed from They are beautiful, not offensive. This is why I am displaying them here.


DeviantArt on Display

August 18, 2009


mermum by ~eyemageone

A small note about DeviantArt on Display: I have saved all of the artwork and uploaded to this blog simply because it only takes one person reporting this art as offensive for it to be removed from They are beautiful, not offensive. This is why I am displaying them here.


More Solid Foods Questions

August 17, 2009

I’d like to do baby-led weaning, or baby-led solids as it’s called sometimes. My doctor at the breastfeeding clinic is all for it, and basically said to feed Penny what we eat, when we eat it.

Baby-led weaning is gaining popularity. To sum it up, when we were children, we started eating solids at 3 months. If you follow the same steps with introducing food, and adjust for the current age of 6 months, our babies should be starting solid foods – not pablum (rice cereal) or pureed foods. Because of the adjustment in age, a 6 month baby now will not eat food they are not ready to. They will not try to swallow if they can’t handle it yet. If a food that they can’t handle yet gets too far towards their throat, they will cough to move it back to the front.

Penny has “eaten” orange pepper, green pepper, onion, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, oranges, banana, pears, potato, cheese, toast, crackers, steak, and ham. Some of these were more welcomed than others. She hates banana and spits it out. She gnawed on a ring of a very strong white onion and didn’t appear to dislike it at all. She loves oranges and tries to suck all the juice out of them. She got mad when I took the ham away. She choked a little on a little sliver of green pepper. She had problems with the texture of mashed potatoes (which I knew from trying to feed the next step up of baby food and her promptly puking from the first mouthful).

It’s a new game to me, and to everyone around me. There’s not alot of information I can turn to. Or if there is, I can’t readily find it. I’m sure we don’t follow exactly how it’s supposed to be done. But isn’t that the fun of parenting? We play it meal by meal. It also depends on when Penny’s awake.

The one thing I’ve chosen not to feed Penny is pablum. It’s bland, dusty cardboard. I’ve been told countless times to feed Penny pablum and she’ll “sleep through the night.” When I started solid foods I tried feeding her pablum. I tried it 3 times a day. She didn’t sleep any better. She still woke 2 or 3 times a night. So ignoring what the “experts” say, I KNOW pablum doesn’t make a baby sleep any better. Yes, pablum has a certain nutritional value to it. But it’s nothing that Penny can’t get from a combination of pureed foods and solid foods.

So this is where I need some advice again. I have asked about being pressured to wean Penny from breastfeeding and was pointed to a ton of resources to help stop that pressure in its tracks. Now do any of you have good resources or advice about solid foods? What can I say when I’m told by people who have more experience than me that I should be feeding Penny pablum because she needs it nutrionally? Any advice is appreciated!


Postcard Giveaway

August 16, 2009

Have I ever shown you Penny’s birth announcement? Our wonderful photographer, Beverly at Orange Glow Photography designed Penny’s birth announcement using photos she took at Penny’s first photo session.

Sorry, a photo of our announcement. We don't have a digital file.

Sorry, a photo of our announcement. We don't have a digital file.

These announcements were printed as 4×6 photos and cost us $50 for 50 announcements.

Now, if we had known about when we had these printed, we could have gone there and printed custom postcards for a fraction of the price. Not only would we have paid less, it would have been on a postcard-quality paper (not photo paper), and they would have been done in 1, 2 or 3 days and then shipped out.

Now I’m giving you a chance to have your own postcards made at Two lucky winners – yes that’s two of you – will win 200 Custom Postcards (choose your size: 4×6, 4.25×6, 5×7″) with full color on both sides! Coming from the printing industry folks, I know what a great prize you are getting here!

But I bet you’re wondering what you could do with 200 custom postcards?

Idea #1 – Large Sized Business Cards
For WAHM’s, you can use custom postcards to send out extra information that wouldn’t normally fit on your business card. I got a card just like this from a cloth diaper shop with their washing instructions on one side, and extra business information on the other side.

Idea #2 – Holiday Greetings
Christmas is coming pretty quickly, and I bet if you’re reading my blog, you’ve had a new addition since last Christmas. Using a custom postcards is a great way to show off your little one to the whole family this year. On one side you can have your family photo (or more than one), and on the other side you can put a holiday greeting and maybe a small note to introduce the new baby.

Idea #3 – Announcements
Have you sent your baby announcements yet? I was horribly slow getting mine into the mail. If you hadn’t planned to do any, or haven’t done yours yet, this is a great opportunity to use custom postcards to make some up. Use a collage of favorite photos on one side, and your little bundle’s important information on the other side. Family that you don’t see very often would definitely appreciate one of these announcements to introduce your little one.

Idea #4 – Thank You Cards
You’ve sent out your announcements already, but have you sent out all your thank you’s? That’s something else I was bad for, and when they did go out, they were generic thank you cards left over from our wedding two years ago. I could have used custom postcards to make gorgeous thank you cards using more photos of Penny – come on, who wouldn’t want more pictures of Penny? If you choose the uncoated type of custom postcards, you can leave an area to write a personalized note on the back.

There are so many different ways to use custom postcards. If you won them, what would you do with them? Leave a comment below to be entered to win. (This comment is required to enter)

To earn extra entries, do any of the following and leave a comment for each telling me you did:

Contest closes 11:59 pm MST August 31, 2009. This contest is only open to the US. Winners will need to pay the shipping (approximately $10 for 5 day USPS, faster options available)