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Where Have I Been?

September 23, 2010

You might have noticed my lack of online involvement lately. Or you might not have. But some people are starting to wonder (Joie). So it sounds like it’s time for an update.

For my online friends, you know I went back to work in December. I was working 1-8pm and I spent my mornings sleeping in, then hanging out with the Penny-munchkin. When I got home at night, I spent a bit of time with Court before we crawled into bed to do it all again the next day. That schedule wasn’t bad, but it sure didn’t account for LIFE. I didn’t spend alot of time with Court. Not alot got done around the house. And I was feeling useless at work because I was part dayshift, part nightshift. Not to mention no interweb time.

Finally in July my schedule changed to days. I’m working 10-5 now and have more time to get things done. But I’m sick of spending that free time sitting around at home. Back in March, we fostered a dog rescued from Mexico from Pawsitive Match Rescue. Poor Spudnik! He was scared, and in a whole new world. He had been abused at some point. The vet found bullet shards riddling his torso. He’s gone to a new home now, with wonderful adopters. But he ate our new couch and wrecked our blinds in our new house before he did go. Now Court says no to foster dogs. I get that, and I don’t begrudge him for it. But I still want to help the dogs.

I spend alot of my time helping them now. I do airport runs – which are meeting travelers at the airport after they’ve cleared customs with a couple crates of dogs. Then we take all the dogs outside for a potty break, and send them home with either their fosters or adopters. I do supply runs all over the city – picking up and dropping off whatever needs transporting. I even got a magnet for the back of my van that’s a pawprint with “Rescue Dog Transport Vehicle” on it! Oh yeah, I upgraded to a minivan from my wee little Neon! I couldn’t fit Court, Penny and I in there, let alone dog crates! Now I can do all sorts of transporting.

I’ve been wanting to do more of the computer related tasks though, and have recently started helping with medical requisitions, tracking medical papers, mailing out the records to adopters, activating the 6 weeks of free pet insurance, updating the website, posting on their facebook page AND running their twitter account!

I try to help find fosters for dogs coming in, and I answer any questions that people have. I help out at adoptathon events (speaking of which, we have one at the Blackfoot Farmers Market this Saturday, Sept. 25, so come visit the dogs!), go to meetings, drive dogs around for fosters who don’t drive, and sneak in the occasional supply run for Pound Rescue as well.

So now you know where I’ve been. And while you’re here reading about it, check out Pawsitive Match.

We have something like 42 dogs coming in this week needing fosters. Sorry for some of the bad photos – it’s all we have so far. If you’ve ever thought about fostering, now is the time. Or if you’ve never thought about fostering, ask me about it. It doesn’t cost you anything, and judging by everyone’s reactions to Spudnik most dogs don’t act like he did. They just need a home to stay in until we can find them an adopter. Most dogs¬†stay 2 weeks to 2 months.

Of course, you’re always welcome to adopt one of these beauties (or any of the other ones that aren’t on here).

(Edited to take out the dogs needing fosters because they’re outdated and eating bandwidth)