Introducing Fanfare Friday

September 4, 2009

I’m not one to participate in memes. But someone said on Twitter today: “We need a follow friday habit in real life. When is the last time you told ppl why you appreciated them…WEEKLY?” I love the idea, or my take on that idea. So I’m going to do Fanfare Fridays. There’s no rules. It’s just an acknowledgement of people in my life and what they did that week that was memorable to me.

This week I’m bragging about my best friend, Joie. We’ve been friends since GRADE 1! No matter where we each live, no matter what is going on in our lives, we’ve managed to stay friends for 20 years. She has walked down every path in life before I have, and in doing so she paved the way for me. She’s always been the one I turn to for advice, even though as I grow I actually follow her advice less. That’s more from me being stubborn than anything though. When I don’t follow it, I usually turn around later and think I should have listened to what she said. Anyway, we got to spend an afternoon together yesterday, which is pretty rare these days. And I’m reminded how much I appreciate having Joie in my life, and how much of a better person I am for having her.

I also want to shout out to one of my earlier Twitter friends, @mommyisrocknrol. The first time I read her blog, I thought how similar we are. And the more we interact, the more I think that’s true. I suppose that could almost be expected with birthdays only a few days apart (if you believe in astrological kinds of things). Our little girls are close in age – only 2 months between. We’re both building our first non-rent houses right now. We both wear green glasses. Both of our husbands are computer-savvy and would bend over backwards for us – if we tell them they need to. I love talking to her, and wish we talked more. Looks like she’s opening up an Etsy shop for baby bows and headbands. You’ll definitely have to check them out when she does!

There’s so many more people that I could feature! But I’ll wait till next Friday. Until then, who did you really appreciate in your life this week? Will you tell them?



  1. I fucking love you!! That’s so sweet! I’ve never had a shout-out on someone else’s blog. I am glad that we started talking and I hope that our friendship will continue to grow and then someday I can see your boobs. Because I’m really a porn bot! MWHAHAHA!

  2. Oh, bot? Darn… let’s see… Where’s that Delete button again? Who hid the delete button? Oh well, guess I’m just going to have to keep talking to you, Mrs. Porn Bot!

  3. I am really appreciating my husband right now. He’s just being so supportive while I’m regularly falling apart. And he found me a part-time freelance gig. I clearly need to bake him brownies or something.

    I love the idea of Fanfare Friday. I may just play along one of these weeks. :)

  4. this is a good idea. I have a shoutout to you for all your ihelp via twitter. :)

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