What is a GrudgeMom?

Have you seen the movie The Grudge? With Sarah Michelle Gellar and the freaky Japanese kid/ghost/monster? You know the sound the kid/ghost/monster makes? Penny makes that noise too. Constantly. Well… if she’s not sleeping or crying anyway. When she’s cool and nothing’s wrong in her world, she babbles. But most of her babbling sounds like the kid/ghost/monster. So that is where GrudgeMom came from. Penny was making that noise while I was making this blog, so GrudgeMom it is!

As for who we are, I am Nicole, a 28-year-old new mom. I am married to Court, my 25-year-old techie, nerdy, anime and video game loving husband of almost 2 years. Our little girl, Penny, was born January 5th this year. Our lives have completely changed since she was born. I realize we are not the first couple to be affected by a baby being born, but it is the first time OUR lives have been changed by it.

Not only is having a baby new to us, we found out when Penny was 5 weeks old that she was born with bilateral congenital cataracts. You can read the full story on blog #1. Short version: Penny had cataracts in both eyes, just like Court did when he was a baby. She had surgery on both eyes by the time she was 9 weeks old, and intraocular lens implants put in. She got glasses when she was 11 weeks old. You can read more about Penny’s vision at Carrots Make You Blind?!?!. But carrots don’t really make you blind. Don’t go googling that!


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  1. Hi I love your blog it has been very helpful my daughter has also been diagnosed with bilateral cataracts she is 2weeks old and her surgery dates have been set for right before Christmas when she is 4 weeks I am hopeful that she will be able to lead a happy healthy life I worry about the process of getting there though

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