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Name-brand vs Generic Diapers

July 10, 2009

Yes, I’m going to go there! In the mail today, I received a note from Safeway launching their Mom to Mom line of baby products, saying:

Welcome our newest arrival: a full line of baby products created for moms, by moms.

When we set out to improve our line of baby products, we went to the source – moms. Starting with a team of experienced moms, we asked what they needed and wanted most in products to care for their babies.

From this collective wisdom we created mom to mom™, the new and improved Safeway brand of baby products available at a Safeway store near you.

Mom to mom™ offers over 40 new items, including diapers, baby wipes, toiletries and lotions. Every item was developed with that special mother’s touch to help make those first few years of parenting just a little bit easier.

So when you choose any mom to mom™ product you can rest assured knowing that is was born of the experience of real moms. Because when it comes to caring for babies, moms always know best.

They also included three coupons, good until March 31, 2010: $3.00 off 192+ count wipes, $3.00 off diapers or training pants, and $1.50 off 444mL toiletries.

I bought a package of mom to mom diapers, and one is actually on Penny now for her nap. Cross your fingers and wish us luck because I don’t want to clean up after a leaky diaper! I’ll update this again soon with some price comparisons and my initial impressions and all that good stuff.

I might test other generic brand diapers in the future, but right now I’m only looking at Safeway’s generic brand in my reviews.