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Custom Illustrations

Many blogs like to have a cartoon-type illustration on them that either matches the blogger in looks, or in situation. An example of this is Makes Mom Happy. I don’t know if the illustration looks like Amy, but she does have a baby girl, so the illustration suits her blog. I personally cannot do these illustrations. There are people you can pay to make ones that look like you and your family members, but I understand they are quite expensive. The more affordable alternative is to purchase a stock illustration from sites like iStockPhoto.com and Fotolia.com. I can manipulate these images to a certain extent, like I can change hair color or small things like that. Sometimes it is possible to do more advanced manipulations, like adding a baby. We would have to discuss changes like that. If you would like an image from one of these sites, you will need to purchase it yourself and send it to me. Alternatively, you can add $25 to the cost of your order and I can purchase the image from my account. When all is said and done, I will send you that original file, with and without any changes we make to it.

Prices & Payment

I realize my prices are low. You probably have a baby, and money is probably a little tight. It is not my goal to pay all my bills with this income, nor is it my intention to gouge you. So please keep that in mind, and give me as much information as you can to start with, with regards to what you want your graphics and/or blog to look like. The more information you give me, the less time I need to spend redesigning a redesign from not understanding your vision the first time.

I will get set up to take PayPal payments, which would be the most popular method of payment. But, keep in mind I am easy going and would consider trade instead of money. Especially trade for cloth diapers =D If you have a product or a service that you think would be an appropriate trade, please do email me and ask! I don’t bite!

Of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me!

Blog Badges/Buttons and Avatars
Blog Headers
Blog Redesign

One comment

  1. Woah. We should talk. I don’t have a ton of diapers to trade, but I make some seriously badass baby carriers. And I’m not opposed to making out as payment.

    Ok, I’m mostly kidding about the making out thing.

    I blog at the dayton time, and I think my bloggityblog looks BO.Ring.

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