Wok Box Kid’s Meal Is Not Worth It

July 24, 2010

It’s hot here today. Heat makes us lazy. OK, admittedly we’re lazy with the heat or not. But we’re super lazy tonight, so we ordered delivery from Wok Box. We’ve been to their restaurant location a few times, but this is the first time we’ve ordered delivery. The meals that Court and I have had have been great. It’s amazing to watch their cooks prepare all the different types of food. They serve a variety of Asian dishes from Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Mongolia in a quasi-fast food setting. You order at one of the counter, get a number and pick up your dish from the other end. Find yourself a seat and enjoy. My favorite dish is the Singapore Cashew with chicken. It’s on the spicy side but I like most of the vegetables (and I’m picky about some Asian vegetables), and I can sort of handle it. I was hungry tonight and I thought Penny would be pretty hungry too, so rather than share, I ordered Penny her own kid’s meal – Jungle Noodles. This is how their website and their menu describes Jungle Noodles:

Veggies tossed with chow mein noodles served with stirfry sauce.

Sounds somewhat appetizing for a child, albeit lacking in the protein department. Sounds like fun too, because an 18 month old can have alot of fun with noodles. But this? This is what we got:

Yes, that is one VERY lonely strip of carrot you see in the middle. And that was pretty well the extent of the “vegetables.” That, plus a 200 mL juice box cost me a whopping $3.99. I could have bought a 8 pack of juice boxes and cooked Penny a pack of ramen noodles for less than that.

Needless to say, I’m really disappointed with Wok Box and am rethinking spending our money there.



  1. That is funny, but sad. Feeding my two crumb-crunchers restaurant food is one of my biggest dilemmas. I don’t always want to order with them in mind, but I choke at the thought of spending upwards of $10 on kiddie food when I know they’re going to take 2 bites and push away the plate, but I can’t very well buy them nothing. They’re at the frustrating stage where they need more than I can share, but they can’t eat a whole child’s meal. Sigh.

  2. OMG, YES YES YES! I spied the name of your post in the reading the Comments on Strocel.com and HAD TO COME STRAIGHT HERE. I too was recently let down in a major way by the Jungle Noodles. Partly because yes, they are simply gooey ramens with the occasional vegetable. But partly because it was the Kid’s first take-out meal (he’s 18 mos) and I had been making a huge deal out of it, as is my tendency. Me: “Yes, Daddy has gone to get dinner!! Hurray! Dinner for Momma, dinner for Daddy, and special JUNGLE NOODLES DINNER for Nemo!!!” When I opened up his carton, I think I actually heard a sad trombone WAH-WAHHHH.. Also, the portion size was ridiculous. What kid can eat that many noodles, I ask?!

  3. You need to write more posts, what am I supposed to read on my breaks, textbooks? And how am I supposed to keep up with you, we can’t seem to get together, so this is my only thread… more news!

  4. My other issue with kids meals is that I want Penny to eat healthy, nutritious food. Chicken nuggets, mini burgers, mini pizza and alfredo pasta don’t fall into that category for me. Penny doesn’t eat “kid food” at home so why would I feed it to her at a restaurant? By the way, she LOVES lamb!

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