Body After Baby – Week #3

July 30, 2009

Body After Baby – Week #2 Recap

I was in a Body After Baby challenge last week? Really? Hmm. Are you sure? And I was supposed to write this update on Monday? Ouch.

Actually, my bathroom scale says I was participating. I am down to 214-ish. We’ve been making quite the effort with what we eat. Dinner has been moderate portions of meat/alternative, vegetables and a starch. I point out “moderate” because that has always been our issue. We don’t eat badly (well occasionally we do), we just eat TOO MUCH of the good food. I’m talking like 12 ounces of meat at dinner, nevermind whatever the starch happens to be. But as I was saying, we’ve been making an effort there.

Last week I made goals of walking the dog every day, eating breakfast every day, cardio workout 3x and 10-minute workout every day. I’ve definitely been slipping on eating breakfast. Alternatively, I’ve been sort of grazing all day. Like a bag of crackers beside me and eat a couple now, and a couple in an hour, etc. I didn’t do the cardio or the 10-minute workouts at all (shame on me!). But we did take the dog for a walk a couple of times. Court has the mosquito bites to prove it.

I issued Court a challenge the other day. [If you don’t like TMI, stop reading here] He is just over 240 right now. I promised him if he could get to 200 by Penny’s 1st birthday (early January), I’d let him have an unmentionable act that he doesn’t normally get. By the way, apparently trading off sexual favors is allowable, according to my “Babyproofing Your Marriage” book. I think that’s finally given him motivation, where he didn’t have much before. As soon as he gets his orthotics made I’ll start pushing him back to the gym too.

In conclusion, I didn’t meet any of my goals for Week #2. I still improved, but in a different area. I think I’m going to learn from Weeks #1 & #2, and not shoot so high for Week #4’s goals. Why not Week #3? Because today’s Thursday. I wasted the week away. I’m just continuing the way I have been, and will get back on track for Monday.



  1. My husband needs some motivation to lose weight. He needs to lose 100lbs and he really wants to but he’s not doing anything to get there. Promising particular acts might work. He has his ‘goal jeans’ hanging up on his dresser so he sees them everyday but that isn’t working. :-/

  2. I would never have done something like that. But my book says to go ahead… and book’s are always right, right?

  3. And it’s funny how the “usual” advice does nothing to help, does it? You know… “go for a walk and get him to go too” or “make it a challenge between you to see who can lose more weight.” With some people if you try to use that advice it just comes across as nagging, and it completely defeats the purpose. Court gets orthotics next week to help with fallen arches, and you’d better believe that once he gets them I’m going to harass his @$$ into getting into the gym again.

    Would it help to remind Juju that he’s a father now, and if he doesn’t take care of his body he won’t live long enough to enjoy Peanut’s life?

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