Me Time – It’s All The Rage

July 29, 2009

I don’t get any Me Time. Why is that?

I am not overly controlling when it comes to Penny. I’ve accepted that Court puts her diapers on differently than I do. I know when he changes her clothes, chances are they won’t be a matching outfit. I know his version of “getting up with Penny on the weekend” entails Penny falling back asleep in her bouncer chair while Daddy plays Wii. And I know that when he feeds her, not one drop hits her bib, and the dishes are empty when they’re done. I’m ok with all of that, because I know to stress out about any of it will just drain me more than I already am drained. I do admit though, I let him swaddle her to go to sleep, and I let him do it his way. But after 3 or 4 attempts where she just won’t go to sleep, I’ll go and swaddle her my way. It works – most of the time.

I don’t have too much of an issue leaving Penny with babysitters either (babysitters being Nana and Grampa or her other Grandpa or Grandma). I don’t feel the need to leave them with 600 instructions, although I might leave a few. I’ll point out if she has a diaper rash, or let them know where the food is. I don’t try to tell them how to feed her. I don’t panic when we come home while she’s eating and – heaven forbid – doesn’t have a bib on. They’ve all done this before. Court and I both survived, so that has to stand for something.

So if Court can handle being alone with Penny, why don’t I get any Me Time. And if we can handle leaving Penny with grandparents, why don’t we get any Us Time?

I know why I don’t get any Me Time. But I don’t understand why. Why is it that I feel like I need to be SuperMom? I have this obsession with proving to everyone (who everyone is, I’m not sure) that I can do it. I can hack being a parent. I can take Penny and do groceries without any help. I can do all the running around that needs to get done. I can do the housework… oh who am I kidding? I don’t do housework. I do some laundry – when it gets hard to climb Mount Laundrynus to get into the bedroom, or when the lack of clean underthings becomes an issue. But why do I need to prove this to everyone? No one has ever said anything to me to the contrary. I’ve never felt awash by someone’s doubt that I can be a good mom.

Because I need to be SuperMom – I need to carry Penny in my mei tai, and have 16 grocery bags on my arm, and the dog on the leash, and that 20-foot high ball of laundry from the commercial is chasing me down – I don’t get Me Time.

I want to go swimming, just for something to do. Actually it’s one of very few things that I can envision myself doing sans baby or husband. I honestly don’t know what else I would do without them. Maybe I’d consider taking some classes at the University and start on a degree in HR. It’s hard to justify that though when the classes are in the $400 range EACH and you need like 30 of them for the degree. We’re building a house right now, people! $400 is 1/3 of a mortgage payment! The only other thing I could see myself doing alone is shopping. Ah, Retail Therapy. Nothing can beat spending money, especially on wants, not needs. Although if it’s needs we need, then by all means therapy away! But then again, we’re building a house here, people! Hmm, not so much retail therapy then.

Going for a walk by myself is not a Me Time option. I feel bad because the dog could be walking with me. If I take the dog, Court feels guilty for not taking her for a walk, and then he has to come too. And if the dog and Court come with me, well… Penny has to come too. Strange how that works.

I know I need Me Time. And after 6 months of not having any Me Time, I sort of need it desperately. I just don’t know how to get it or what to do with it when I do have it.



  1. I haven’t had any me time since Peanut was born 4 months ago. Hubby and I have had US time but no ME time. My mom has offered to watch her so I can go shopping or take a nap but I haven’t taken her up on that offer. I also feel like I’ve got to do it all- clean, cook, take care of the baby, take care of the husband, and look good while doing it. I’d love to take a yoga class but I don’t know when I’d have the time for that. I’m taking an online class this fall towards my degree and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have time to focus on it. I guess we’ll see.

  2. I remember feeling like this with my first baby. I thought I had lost myself and would never be the same person again.

    The good news is that kids get older, and it happens before you know it. It sounds like a platitude (and it sort of is) but it’s true. I don’t know where the last 4 1/2 years went with my daughter. She goes to preschool now, she sleeps all night, she can get her own snacks and visit the bathroom on her own.

    I am not the same as I was before she was born, but I have independence from her now and I forged a new identity. If I needed me time, I could take it. I am no longer ‘tied down’ in the same way.

    Your day will come, too, I promise.

  3. “She goes to preschool now, she sleeps all night, she can get her own snacks and visit the bathroom on her own.”
    Gee, thanks for the night terrors, Amber. I don’t even want to think about solid foods, let alone potty training and independence!

    We just got a new recreation guide from the city last week, and I’m going to find myself 1 class to take by myself, and just go do it. Court and Penny will either sink or swim without me. And I’m pretty sure they’re not going to sink…

  4. I thought about doing yoga, but I need to do a class for sure. I don’t know the first thing about it! I’m not sure if the class I end up doing will be exercise/health related like that, or just learning something new. Hmm… maybe they’ll have a learn to sew class and I can do a refresher (home ec. was a LONG time ago!)

    When your class starts, send Juju and Peanut out to do something – go swimming, go to the store for a (non-fat) ice cream. Eventually he’ll get the hint that you need some free time for studying and working on your course. What degree are you working on?

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