Blow-my-mind Contest!

July 22, 2009

The first review/giveaway blog I came across was MakesMomHappy.com, and I thought it was the coolest blog ever! And pretty soon I found out there’s no less than 672 review/giveaway blogs out there (number pulled outta my @$$). So, I don’t try to enter every last giveaway I see because there’s just too many. I could spend my entire day entering these things.

But once in a while, a great one comes along. This is one of them. Emi over at The Cloth Diaper Report reviewed a Britax Marathon CS Carseat. Not much reviewing needed to be done by her – she was recently in a horrific car accident, and her Britax carseat saved her daughter’s life. But along with her review, she is giving away a Britax Marathon CS in your choice of colour! This is a blow-my-mind contest! Britax are like the Cadillac of carseats, way up there on price, but WAY up there on safety. These are what Stacey over at OneTinySuitcase.ca uses for her carseat rentals, and she swears by them. You know what else is great? 1. They have pink. 2. They hold up to a 65 pound child. 3. THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO CANADIANS!!! I don’t think I can fit in enough exclamation marks for this one. All the good contests are never open to Canadians.

Make sure you get over there – entries are at about 218 (with all of mine to come) at the time of me writing this. 218 ain’t alot for a giveaway this big!


One comment

  1. Thanks for your comments and blog about my contest! I am so excited the contest is open to my Canadian readers as well. Keep spreading the word. I also have some other fun giveaways and reviews coming up, but need to confirm with the companies if it’s open to Canadian readers. I will keep my fingers crosses for you!


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