Body After Baby – Week #2

July 20, 2009

Week #1 Review

Oh crap. I suck in the motivation department. Last week, I made goals of:

  • Eating breakfast every day
  • Walking the dog every day
  • Doing a 10-minute FitDadSays.com workout
  • Doing a Wii cardio workout 3 times

And I can happily say that I got tons of footrubs last week! Meaning… not so much of what was on my goal list. I ate breakfast most days, usually a bowl of Cheerios. I missed a couple of days though. I think the problem I have with breakfast right now is that I don’t get up until about 10am, and by the time I feed Penny and pour coffee into me, and decide I’m actually hungry – it’s lunch time.

We – as in Court, Penny, Hershey and myself – went for a walk around the block the other night. But that was it in the walking department. In my defense, 30 degrees Celsius is NOT conducive to walking outside until the sun goes down. And by then I’m so tired I can’t be bothered to move. I also blame this partly on Court. Of course, none of it has to do with me! (Yes, I’m not stupid. I know it’s all me. Stop making excuses.) But Court has plantar fasciitis (sp?). He was supposed to see the PT on Thursday, but they were sick, and he’s rescheduled in for tomorrow. His feet have been absolutely killing him. It’s really hard to get all of us up for a walk, when I know walking hurts him. But last night he soaked his feet in a big tub of hot water, and said it helped a bit. And he goes to the PT tomorrow. So hopefully we’ll get our family walks in here pretty quick.

I tried the FitDadSays.com workout. Once. And I couldn’t do 8 burpees. But I did the rest! And wasn’t gasping for breath like Court does (give him a break, he’s asthmatic). It seemed simple enough to do. But I think I need to do it when Court’s not around. He’s ok doing it (and did do it almost every night), but I feel like an idiot flopping around trying to do things like burpees. Don’t know what a burpee is? Click here. If a 10-minute workout sounds good, hope over to FitDadSays.com’s YouTube Videos for his many 10-minute workouts.

And did I do my cardio workouts on the Wii? Well, yes. Once. It’s Gold Gym’s Cardio Workout for anyone who was wondering. Mostly you shape box. While rocking back and forth from one foot to the other. It’s actually the rocking that keeps your heart rate up, and boy is it hard to do! Especially with the speed they have it at.

So for Week #1’s review, no I didn’t meet my goals. I didn’t even come close. BUT…it is definitely better than I was doing before we started.

Week #2 Goals

I’m going to continue with last week’s goals, mostly. But I’m going to work on getting up earlier so I can make eating breakfast at breakfast-time my goal. So this week, I want to get up by 9:00 every day (weekends don’t count), and eat breakfast within a half hour of getting up. I still want to walk the dog every day, but I’m going to try to do it in the morning. I’m still going to try to do my 10-minute workout every day, but I’m going to check some of FitDadSays.com’s other videos because he has some aimed at abs. And this baby-tummy needs work. And… I’m still going to do the cardio 3 times.

I am off to a good start for this week. I bought breakfast (a bagel from Tim Hortons… it’s still breakfast!), but didn’t get a chance to eat it until about 12:30. And I took Penny and Hershey for an almost hour long walk at the off leash park. Hershey got to run off leash for the first time, which let me focus on walking and making it count. And I learned that 10-11am during the week is a great time to go to the off leash park! I’m going to finish posting this, and do my 10-minute thing, and I think I’ll even turn the cardio workout on until Penny wakes up (which should be anytime now).

For the record, I didn’t lose any weight, and I didn’t gain any weight. But this afternoon, I feel good!


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  1. You might not have lost any, but at least you’re feeling good!!! I really need to work on breakfast too. I know it’s so important, but I seem to forget it most mornings. Good luck this week!!! :)

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