DeviantArt on Display

July 14, 2009

God’s Design for Breasts by ~dlh1029

I also need to showcase the artist’s description on this one: “This self-portrait of teaching skin-to-skin nursing is in stark contrast to our society’s exploitative view of women’s breasts. That many women themselves see and treat their breasts as sexualized objects indicates the degree to which this abusive perception of women’s bodies controls our cultural thinking. As a male RN who teaches breastfeeding routinely, I have the pleasant and liberating privilege of witnessing and participating in the reality of God’s intentional design for women’s breasts. For a small window of time during their hospital stay, I watch mothers also experience that freedom, hoping they keep it when they leave. — DLH”

DLH’s website is here. GREAT website with labour and delivery help, and breastfeeding help!

A small note about DeviantArt on Display: I have saved all of the artwork and uploaded to this blog simply because it only takes one person reporting this art as offensive for it to be removed from DeviantArt.com. They are beautiful, not offensive. This is why I am displaying them here.


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