Go Team Magenta!

July 13, 2009


Samantha @ MamaNotes is hosting a Body After Baby Challenge, with a new sub-challenge of 8 weeks to be fit by Labor Day.

So many moms and even 2 dads have joined! Samantha had to split us into teams so that we can cheer on our little group. On Team Magenta is me, my husband Court, Srr, Heather, and Danielle. We’ll be cheering each other on for the next 8 weeks through various goals.

What I intend to accomplish over the next 8 weeks is just a split-off off my long term goals.

8-week Goals
Lose 15 pounds of baby weight (to get back to prepregnancy weight). To accomplish this, I will:

  • Do a 10-minute workout from Fit Dad Says every day (the one we’re working on right now is 30-second mountain climber, 15 reverse lunges per leg, 12 pushups [I do crunches], 15 overhead squats, 30-second plank, and 8 burpees). Fit Dad Says has videos of how to do everything. Right now I can only get through the list once. Actually, I can’t even finish the burpees right now. But that will get better the more I do them, and then I should be able to do 2 sets in 10 minutes, maybe a bit more.
  • Use my cardio workout on the Wii 3 times this week
  • Take the dog for a walk every day, even if it is just around the block
  • Eat breakfast every day (I’d better get on this one. It’s 12:30 and I haven’t eaten yet)

Srr, Heather and Danielle, I’ll be visiting you shortly to say hi and leave some words of encouragement! Go Team Magenta!



  1. hi! good to “meet” you and good luck with your goals! i know we can do it! are you on twitter? im @shaylan_

  2. Awesome Goals, and even better that Court is participating as well. That will be a huge motivator if you two are working together. Good luck to your team, I’m going to make some goals today and start implementing them. I’ll keep you posted. If you ever feel like you need a little encouragement, gimme a call, I’ll help you stay on track for your goals. You can do this! I can’t wait to hear of your success!

  3. How is this going? No updates in the last little while. I made up some goals of my own and so far, well I’m getting some of them. I went on the wii two days in a row and did that EA Active.. what a friggin’ work out.. my butt hurts.. I’m so out of shape.. and we walked to Cathy’s the other night. So making some positive progress. Hope all is going well, can’t wait to see the update.


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