Body After Baby Challenge – on hold

July 5, 2009


When I was pregnant, I gained 45 pounds. The first 2 weeks after I came home from the hospital, I lost a total of 30 pounds. When I was having trouble with milk supply and breastfeeding Penny, I hovered up another 5 pounds again, which I seem to have lost since I started the domperidone. To save you from doing the math, that’s 15 pounds to go.

This weekend, I came across Samantha @ MamaNotes’ Body After Baby Challenge. I’ve linked to the first week’s challenge to explain the premise, but that was way back in April (oh God, where does the time go?)! The most recent post is here.

I am joining the challenge this week! Time to banish the baby fat!

  • Long Term Goals
    • Milestone 1: Lose 15 pounds of baby weight (to get back to prepregnancy weight). Timeframe: 3 months
    • Milestone 2: Lose an additional 20 pounds of weight (to a weight that I would feel comfortable at). Timeframe: 3-6 months on top of Milestone 1.
    • Milestone 3: Lose an additional 30 pounds of weight (my end goal, and the weight that I have felt the most healthiest in my life). Timeframe: 6 months on top of Milestones 1 and 2.
    • Eat healthier (will work on 1 aspect per week)
    • Live a less sedentary lifestyle (will come naturally by completing my short term goals)
  • Short Term Goals
    • Use my cardio workout on the Wii 3 times this week
    • Take the dog for a walk every day, even if it is just around the block
    • Eat breakfast every day
  • Plan of Action
    • Hire a stand-in to come and complete all of the above steps for me, while I run away to some deserted island. What? That’s not a valid option? Hmm, then I guess I need to make myself a calendar of this week to put up on the fridge. Put a box on every day to check off that I have had breakfast, and taken the dog for a walk. I will put boxes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the cardio workout. Breakfast doesn’t need to be elaborate. A bowl of Cheerios and a piece of fruit would be fine.
  • Reward
    • Having every box checked off on the first week is unrealistic, so if I have at least 2/3 cardio, and 4/5 each of the breakfasts and walks, I will reward myself with the purchase of a new pair of summer sandals.

When I look at the 75 pounds of weight I want to lose, it seems overwhelming, and this is one of the biggest deterrents to becoming more active and actually trying to lose that weight. But when I write it out this way, breaking it into smaller, more manageable chunks, and giving myself realistic timelines to the smaller chunks, it actually seems do-able.

For anyone who might be motivated to join the challenge with me, I am
currently 215 pounds, and was 200 prepregancy. During the time when I felt the healthiest in my life, I was 150 pounds. If you go by what the “standards” are, my ideal weight is 135 pounds for a height of 5’6″. I do not agree with that. I feel that’s placing unrealistic expectations on women already overwhelmed by the concept of “skinny.” I love Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty!

Please join me in my effort! Share your tips and ideas for motivation and accomplishing my goals, and make sure to let me know if you want support too!

Everyone in our house has been sick during the last week. Thank goodness Samantha decided to do a Fit Before Labor Day Challenge – 8 weeks to get fit. It will be complete with teams and before/after pictures, and best of all, @dudetodad and my husband, Court are going to participate too! So, I’m going to take these goals, along with Court’s and repost them next Monday for the 8 week challenge.



  1. Those are great goals! You can do it. I know when you’re set on something you can accomplish anything, so just kick your stubborn-ness into this challenge and you’ll be a total success! I’ll be as much support as I possibly can be, and will need the same in return. I have to think of my goals, but I love the set up you have going on here. Perfect. Keep me posted. The walking goal is great, I have read over and over how great walking is for losing weight, so it must work. I was going to start today, a half hour I figured, and a post-natal dvd I have that lasts 20 minutes doing pilates. Nicole and I were also thinking we’d try to sign up for a 5 km run in September to give our selves something to work towards, something to measure our success. I’ll keep you posted on that if you’d like. I’ll give this more thought and get back to you. Going to be a challenge while I’m away but I can make it work.


  2. And that, folks, is why she’s been my best friend since Grade 1!

  3. wow. love your exceedingly organized approach to this. you rock.

  4. Looks like you have a great plan! Thanks for stopping by, BTW. I replied in the comments on my post. I’m very interested in doing a “duel” with you!

  5. Thank you for stopping by. I think the plan you laid out looks great, and completely agree with your assessment of ideal body weight. I’m 5’4 and my goal is 140-142. BTW I break up the 100 sit ups in three 35x sets throughout the day.

  6. Good luck! You can do it :)

  7. I also have 15 pounds to lose after having our newest one. Hoping it won’t take me too long. We’ll see.
    Good luck!!

  8. Finally a mom that is in my weight range! :-) I am soooo on the same page with you- I hit 209 at my highest while pregnant with my second baby and almost passed out at seeing that on the scale. I am currently at 181 and working on getting back down to that 150 range. Best of luck to you!!

  9. Best of luck to you too, Courtney! I don’t mean any offense to anyone else trying to lose weight, but you know how disheartening it is to see people that are already at our goal weight that just want to lose a few pounds? It’s like my 5’3″ 120 lbs sister telling me she’s getting fat. I hate being this weight, even though I don’t look particularly bad carrying it. It’s a matter of being comfortable in my own skin. I’m totally with you in this!

  10. I love how organized you are! And giving yourself a reward?!?! Genius! Except I think I’d want a big bowl of ice cream… but I don’t think that’d be an appropriate award right now. :( Maybe I’ll just stick to that new handbag I’ve been eyeing up!

  11. Hi this is Sarah from http://www.joyfullygray.com … I recently started following you on twitter and found you through the Body after Baby Challenge.

    Your goals are fantastic and I cannot think of a better kick off than the BAB… I think it is going to be great to have a team of support and to know that other moms are in the same boat.

    My little one is four months old. Her name is Lucia (Loo-sha) and I AM IN FREAKING LOVE. I just finished feeding her what I refer to as her “mid-night snack”. I love it when people ask if she is sleeping through the night because no – no my little breastfeeding wonder is not sleeping through the night.

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