Nation-wide Baby Shower

July 4, 2009

Update: Amber & Mark were evicted, but have found another place to stay. Amber has given me a friend’s address to send items to. We are sending out Amber’s registry gifts from RG Natural Babies on Monday, August 10. If you can help out with even a $10 or $15 purchase from her registry, she’d greatly appreciate it. I spoke to Amber, and she is planning on sending out thank you notes in October when her baby is born.

Have you ever been having a rough time? Where nothing is going your way, and no matter what you do, it just seems to be getting worse and worse?

Amber and Mark are going through that right now. Amber is pregnant with a little boy who is due on October 9. The have no family nearby, no real support system at all. To top it off, Amber lost her job. They are trying to get ready for what should be a joyous time of their life, and instead they are simply trying to make ends meet. They’ve been given an eviction notice, which they are trying to work out so they can stay there.

Amber says:

“He is barely making enough to pay rent, even though we finally put aside our pride in order to apply for Food Stamps, and I am struggling to find a part time job, let alone one that is close enough for me to get to. We received an eviction notice about a week and a half ago, and are desperately trying to keep our home. Besides that, we are struggling to even keep our water and electricity on. The only reason why we have net is because our neighbor was generous enough to work out an arrangement with us, in exchange for my fiance helping him with yard work.

With all that on our plate, we also are struggling to gather all that we’ll need for the baby. So far, all we have is a pack-n-play from Goodwill, a used travel system (that we are terrified of using, not knowing if the car seat has ever been in an accident or not), a few clothes, a used boppy w/out a cover, and some samples. We are planning on breastfeeding and cloth diapering. We have a horrible family support system, and have been facing roadblocks everywhere we turn for help.

We desperately need help. Anything that you may not need any longer, that we could use for our baby, we’d be immensely grateful for.”

Amber, Mark and their soon-to-be-born little boy could really use some help. We’ve set up a registry at RG Natural Babies for the cloth diapering supplies Amber would like. And I am in contact with some other WAHMs to donate a few of the other items on her wishlist.

Maybe you remember what this kind of despair feels like, you’ve been there before, and maybe someone gave you a helping hand. Or maybe you’re understanding and can help out a little bit. Whatever the case may be, would you mind jumping over to her registry and purchase one item on the list for her? If you mark any purchases for local pickup, we’ll make sure it gets delivered to Amber. Walmart gift cards would be welcomed as well (that was my first thought for helping Amber, but I don’t think gift cards bought in Canada are good in the US). When you purchase something from Amber’s RG Natural Babies registry, could you please mark in the comments that those items are for Amber, just to help out Michelle when she’s going through them? She’d appreciate it!

If you can’t make a purchase to help them out, but have any of the items on their wishlist that you wouldn’t mind sending to them, I have their address in Orlando, Florida.

If you are a WAHM that wouldn’t mind donating an item, please get in touch with me at nicolemarr at shaw dot ca. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I will update this post with any changes.

Thank you to Michelle at RG Natural Babies for helping with the registry and shipping the registry items to Amber!

Thank you to Kim at GADBaby for sending some Rock ‘N Green diaper detergent!

So far Amber has the following coming her way: 3 BumGenius One Size diapers, 3 BumGenius One Size inserts, a pack of Thirsties Fab Wipes, a pair of BumGenius Babylegs, a boppy cover, a care package (prefolds, fenugreek, mother’s milk, New Beginnings LLL magazine, clothes, pacifiers and more), 2 offers of ring slings, some prefold diapers and covers, and some offers of boys’ clothing, nursing pads, a pump, bottles and more clothes. I also spoke to a breastfeeding boutique about sending Amber some nursing bras, and they are graciously going to help out in that department. Thank you to everyone who is helping! I wish we could do more, but your response so far has been amazing!

If you need Amber’s address, please send me a message, and let me know how you’re helping so I can write it down here.



  1. THANK YOU so much. I can’t tell you how much she will appreciate this.

  2. I can’t buy anything- but I have some baby boy clothes I could send her. Would that help? When is she due? Send me an email if I can do that..

  3. I answered by email, but for anyone else reading, YES they need clothes too! Due date is October 9th, so we have a bit of time. But keep in mind they are in Florida, so no winter clothes needed. I have Amber’s address to send directly to her if anyone needs it. Thank you for helping! The ball is (slowly) getting rolling on this shower!

  4. These aren’t what I’d use, given a choice (which is why I’ve got them available to give away) but we have some prefold diapers and plain white covers that we’re not using and would be happy to pass on if she needs them. Email or tweet if you want me to send them @whozat

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