Contests galore

June 16, 2009

In the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve started reading a number of mom-blogs. They’ve been funny, and fascinating, and hugely informative. In this stage of my mommy-hood, I’m still learning my style. All of these blogs offer more and more information and even more options for parenting. I’ve now added them all to Google Reader, but I’m sure I’ve missed a couple that I am email subscribed to. These are the blogs that I am regularly following:

Every time I turn around, there’s another contest! Elita at Blacktating just had her one-year blogiversary, along with a huge prize giveaway. Annie at PhD in Parenting just finished up her one-year blogiversary giveaway tonight, including a gorgeous sling from Sakura Bloom.

Contests and giveaways that are still open:

  • Hop on over to makes mom happy for a ton of giveaways – some even open to Canadians! Some close soon, so get your entries in now!
  • Melodie at Breastfeeding Moms Unite is giving away a Simply Breastfeeding DVD by My Baby Experts. Her contest is open until 5:00 pm PST, June 13th/09. There are a number of ways to enter – see the contest page.
  • The Feminist Shopper is giving away a bottle of Happy Mama Spray along with a box of either Monthly Comfort Tea (for the postpartum moms) or Morning Wellness Tea (for the moms with buns in the oven.) Contest open for U.S. residents. (Sometimes I hate being Canadian.) Contest closes midnight CST, June 14/09. See the contest page for entering.
  • No Time For Flash Cards is giving away a Melissa and Doug puzzle. But this contest ends in 45 minutes.

If I come across any more contests or giveaways, I’ll be sure to post them!


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