June 1, 2009

So… apparently I need to go for surgery on Wednesday. The week Penny was born I went to the Medi Centre because I was in more pain than usual, and my bleeding seemed different. 5 months later, I can’t remember what about the bleeding – just that it was different. The crabby Russian doctor there blew me off and I was told “you just had a baby, go home and get some rest.” A week and a half later I was at the emergency room for what I thought was a bladder infection, a yeast infection on my nipples and depression (mostly brought on by the first 2 issues, but partly baby blues too) and was told “you have no infections, you just had a baby, go home and get some rest.” We were back there at the beginning of March and finally found out I have an infection from retained placenta. The doctor said “gee, this doesn’t usually happen 3 months after birth.” Well, if you guys had caught it when I first came in!

He gave me prescriptions for 2 antibiotics -metronidazole aka Flagyl and another one (if I come across the name again, I’ll edit to add them), told me to have a followup ultrasound in 6 weeks, and if I needed a d&c call his office to schedule it as it would be faster that way. The pharmacist filling the prescriptions told Court that I could not breastfeed while I was on metronidazole. Needless to say, he got back in the car with the prescriptions and I pretty much panicked. No breastfeeding?!?! What do I do? Well, even if we feed Penny formula, I still have to pump and dump or my breasts will hate me. And my little Medela Mini Electric or whatever it is, ain’t up to the task of pumping 8-10 times a day to replace Penny (it’s just a single pump, and not very efficient). So, I emailed OneTinySuitcase.com and had me a Medela Symphony first thing the next day (delivered too)!

This was March 10th. Penny was scheduled for surgery March 13th. There was no way she was coming out of surgery to a bottle of formula! So my intention was to pump like hell for a few days, on top of feeding her. This would let me store up a bit of milk for once I started the antibiotics. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pump enough to replace all of her feedings for 10 full days, but some is better than nothing, right? I started pumping after every feed, would get barely anything, and was panicking a little more. The next morning, I called MotherRisk at the Toronto Sick Kids hospital to see about taking the prescriptions while breastfeeding. Hallelujah! They said it’s fine! The amount that would get passed through the breastmilk is less than if Penny had been prescribed it herself (and they do prescribe metronidazole to preemies). So all this panic, and scrambling to get the pump for nothing. That hurdle was dealt with, and I took the damn prescriptions 3 times a day or 4 times a day or whatever for 10 days.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. The infection came back. It was actually gone, but it came back. I didn’t feel comfortable with the doctor at the emergency room, so I asked my family doctor for a referral to someone else. But had to do the exam and ultrasound stuff again to be sure. They called me Friday for the referral appointment for tomorrow, and the obgyn they referred me to just called and asked me to come today so they can get me in for surgery on Wednesday. Just a d&c, so day surgery, and I can still breastfeed after anesthetic, but kinda crappy nonetheless. Going to see if my grandparents can drive us. Court doesn’t have his license, since our insurance would double to $4400 a year if he did. He can still drive, but said with Penny in the car, and the appointment out in High River (an hour away), he doesn’t feel comfortable driving us home. Yay! They can drive us all there and back.

So it’s surgery. I’ll be knocked out. But the obgyn said breastfeeding will be fine, she doesn’t want to interrupt the best thing in the world. It’s a little scary – I haven’t had surgery since I got my tonsils out when I was 8. But it’s minor, quick and easy. I’ll get over it quickly and at least this infernal infection will go away! Morons…


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