Skinny Penny’s About to Gain Some Weight!

May 25, 2009

To update my post on Breastfeeding Failures and Success, we just got home from our appointment at The Alex. I was right, and I feel so vindicated knowing that mom’s intuition hit it on the nail again!

After weighing Penny (12.009 lbs – but different scale than the health office last Tuesday), and talking about how she feeds and when she feeds, the doctor said it sounded like my milk supply is reducing a bit. She also said quite often it happens around this time. Penny has been feeding 3 times a night, and every 2 hours during the day. The doctor said that definitely sounds like she’s not getting enough. Again… not that she’s starving. Just not getting quite enough. I fed Penny, and she was weighed again (5.55 kg, don’t know the pounds). She ate about 2 ounces. When we were at the clinic in February and Penny was a month old, she was eating 3 ounces.

So, with all of that, the doctor put me on domperidone to increase my milk (2 pills x 4 times a day). And she said that we might look at starting Penny on solids shortly. She knows the guideline is 6 months, but believes there’s a window of 4-6 months. Great though, she said there’s no reason to be supplementing Penny with formula. Get some more milk going, and start a bit of solids and she should be packing on the weight in no time.

I can’t wait to see my skinny minnie with some weight on her bones!


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