You & Me

May 15, 2009

I am saving my poems and other writing from an old Geocities website as they are about to shut down Geocities. I don’t have dates of when I wrote these, but 1995-1998 sounds about right. So please don’t just the immaturity of these to be who I am now.

Colors are flying
every which way
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to say

I want to say this
but I end up saying that
I want you to think this
but you always think that

I’m sorry I’m not perfect
I’m sorry I’m not her
But I am me
And you have to accept that

I know you still love her
I know you always will
But that was yesterday
And you can’t change the past

I can’t be her
As much as I’d like to be
Why can’t you see me for who I am
Not who you’d like to see?

I’ve loved and I’ve lost
I know you hurt too
But you have to accept
me as me

Friends before lovers
Lovers it won’t be
So, can we leave it as friends
Just you and me?


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