Trapped Heart

May 15, 2009

I am saving my poems and other writing from an old Geocities website as they are about to shut down Geocities. I don’t have dates of when I wrote these, but 1995-1998 sounds about right. So please don’t just the immaturity of these to be who I am now.

A heart has been broken
It’ll never love again
It’s out of reach now
And to no one this heart they’ll gain

It belongs to one
A person with rare intelligence
Yet, is trapped in the soul
Of he who be dense

He who is loved
Without loving back
Will not know the joy
Of a child’s love track
He knows the heart’s trapped
Yet, he can’t find it in his heart
To release the unwavering cry
For the love of Cupid’s Dart

The love will live without end
Until the unresponsive loving
Is released and unhindered
To love without thinking

First poem I ever wrote, at age 14. Sadly, I still remember exactly who it was written about (G.H., my girlfriend’s older brother)


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