May 15, 2009

I am saving my poems and other writing from an old Geocities website as they are about to shut down Geocities. I don’t have dates of when I wrote these, but 1995-1998 sounds about right. So please don’t just the immaturity of these to be who I am now.

One day love will surround me
It may take a day, or it may take a lifetime
Until then, all I can do is wait
Oh, I can dream, I can fantasize
I can hope and I can pray
That one day it will come true

Love is an image shimmering in my heart
Everywhere I turn, I see love all around
Couples getting married, children being born
I long for the feelings I once thought were there
Until I awoke from my dreams
And saw the mirage for what it really was

I long for the passion in my life
That you only see in movies
Gazing at my lover with eternal love in my eyes
Conveying every wish and dream,
Knowing he’ll make them come true
I long for someone who truly knows me better than I know myself
Someone who honestly says, “I love you” with truth and sincerity
Someone to treasure me for the prize that I am
Someone who respects me as their superior, their equal and their friend
Someone who doesn’t play games and doesn’t play me for a fool
Someone who can kiss me with the tenderness a mother shows her newborn
Someone who can set my world on fire just by looking at me
with that special look in their eyes
Someone who can touch me with the softest fingertips
And leave me wondering if the truly touched me at all

I long for someone in my life who listens to what I say
Someone who can hug me, and say it’s all ok
Everywhere I turn I see possibilities
Nothing matters to me except who that person is
It’s a form of saying I’m not racist
We’re all people; we all love the same
Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you’ll love me more
than the shortest man at my side

I’ll take love any way I can get it
But I only want your love if you give it selflessly and unconditionally
Honest and true
I promise to love you back,
As unrelentlessly as the most unintentional blink that comes every few seconds

I feel sorry for those who had their chance
I gave them a shot
Maybe they didn’t want it as much as I did

I’m scared to love someone now
There’s always the fear of having them turn their back on me
Or thinking I’m not good enough

Well, let me tell you, you ignorant pigs!
I’m just as good as the next one
I’m good enough for any prince or king, or any common man like you
I love the same as the next girl, probably more passionately and truly
And I’ll always be there for you
But maybe that thought scares you
The thought of having someone there, always by your side
It’s called commitment, baby!
Get used to it.
Someone will always be there for you
It’s up to you whether it’s your own mother or someone like me
Someone who will love you like there is no tomorrow
Someone who expects nothing in return but living and loving

So the choice is up to you.
C’mon! I don’t have my whole life
To wait for a man who is more indecisive than a woman is
I can find love anywhere
It may not be perfect
But it will be love
And in the end, that’s all I want


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