May 15, 2009

I am saving my poems and other writing from an old Geocities website as they are about to shut down Geocities. I don’t have dates of when I wrote these, but 1995-1998 sounds about right. So please don’t just the immaturity of these to be who I am now.

Sweet smile
surround you
amber eyes
watch you

Music floating
tension rising
fire burning
pain subsiding

Soft whispers
down your back
hidden glances
from glowing eyes

Soaring above
the highest cloud
Silver linings
roll below

Hotter than expected
you melt
Too beautiful
for words

Broken and cracked
Torched and burned
Shy smiles
heal wounds

Smokescreen drifts
everything is

Love is hiding
behind that wall
Pain is creeping
from the back

The risk is yours
for the taking
The decision is yours
in the making

The past is behind
the future is ahead
Leave yesterday in the past
and think of to come

Cool reminders
creep up your neck
scars throb
in your heart

But warm tendrils
weave through you
fears forgotten
love peeks from behind
the wall

Curiosity wins
love crawls out
much to delight
love smiles…


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